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The Heartland: Iowa Home Insurance

Outsiders may think life in the Hawkeye State proceeds at a slower pace, but try telling that to a Des Moines resident driving to work during rush hour. Or to someone whose house was just wrecked from a tornado. Perils are everywhere, and the wise protect themselves by starting at home. Iowa home insurance is your guarantee against sudden disaster. Sometimes it might seem like you need an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop to interpret all the fine print that accompanies Iowa home insurance quotes. Do you need a basic policy with weather-related coverages, or should you consider something more comprehensive? How does the cost-benefit analysis work? Don’t fear; if you carefully tabulate the value of your home and your possessions, then comparison shopping will reveal the Iowa insurance quotes that give you the best value for your dollar.


Making Your Home Safer

Start with some basic knowledge. Potential insurers want to know your house is protected against common dangers, as this makes you a lower-risk customer. The state average for an annual home insurance premium is about $547. If you protect your house against thieves by adding deadbolt locks and a burglar alarm, your Iowa home insurance quotes can drop to $493 per year. Even if you’re farther than an insurer prefers from a fire department, you can save as much as 15% simply by installing smoke alarms and equipping each floor (at minimum) with fire extinguishers. If you make other upgrades, such as a roof replacement, you can probably find lower Iowa home insurance quotes by comparing offers.

Ready for the Cyclones

In the American Heartland, this doesn’t refer to an upcoming game against Iowa State. Iowa averages about 37 tornadoes a year. They’re particularly active in the spring and summer. Your policy likely covers wind events, but you should always check to be sure. Basic policies usually cover 50% of the home’s contents, so make sure you’ve adequately covered your possessions. You’ll also want to review your deductible. The deductibles for wind and hail damage are usually 1-2% of your home’s value, but can be as high as 5%.

Many residents also buy federal flood insurance, since home insurance does not typically cover floodwater damage. If a pipe breaks and causes a flood in your basement, there’s a good chance your policy will cover the damage. But flooding caused by a storm will fall under FEMA regulations, so it’s important to investigate your federal insurance options, even if this means overall higher Iowa home insurance quotes. Document your possessions before any storm situation; if a tornado hits, carefully document your damage. This gives you the best chance of recovering their full value.

The Farmer’s Extras

In America’s Heartland, about 60% of the land is used for crops. This means that a number of people around the state will need to figure in comprehensive coverage for barns and other additional storage facilities when reviewing their Iowa home insurance quotes. Since a garage can affect your premium, additional buildings are likely to affect your overall cost as well. In fact, possessions that are defined as “business items” are often not covered in a home insurance policy. You can look into additional coverage, but first make sure carefully check your existing policy. A free service like makes it easy to comparison shop for homeowners insurance quotes, rather than figure out these extras yourself, over and over. If you have that extra storage space, it makes sense to look around for the best deals. Even if you have a policy, you may find one that better suits your needs.

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