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Iowa Insurance in the 21st Century

Residents of the Hawkeye State know the rural reputation of their homeland is a myth. Despite the high percentage of land dedicated to farming, most of the population resides in urban areas. Iowa homeowners insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, and business insurance quotes reflect this modern nature, as competition for customers is pretty fierce. The Food Capital of the World goes to great lengths to provide for others, but sometimes you should take a step back and consider just what it means to provide for yourself. Finding the best Iowa insurance is a great starting point.

Driving for a Score

Whether you root for the Hawkeyes or Cyclones, taking to the streets of Iowa without car insurance is like consistently facing a third-and-long: sooner or later, it’s going to catch up to you. Though there’s no state law requiring car insurance, you will be required to show proof of financial responsibility in the event of an accident. The most common-and easiest-way to establish financial responsibility is to show proof of car insurance. If you do choose this route, the minimum required coverage amounts are a 20/40/15 policy: $20,000 for bodily injury liability for one person, $40,000 for bodily injury liability for more than one person, and $15,000 for property damage liability.

Within these protections, you can discover ways to make your Iowa auto insurance quotes more affordable by shopping around. In Des Moines, a 30-year-old woman can save more than $100 a year by adding her husband to her car insurance policy. Conversely, acting irresponsibly will raise your Iowa insurance quotes. A Cedar Rapids man who lets his auto policy lapse may find himself charged an additional $200 the next time.

Protect thy Nest

An average of 37 tornadoes whip through America’s Heartland each year. Do you know if your Iowa home insurance quotes include adequate protection for such a severe storm? Rather than accept the state average premium of $547, you should review your policy to fully understand the coverage for wind events. Often, it makes sense to increase the coverage for your possessions. Many residents also purchase an additional flood policy, which will not be covered under most home insurance policies. Floods fall under federal (FEMA) guidelines. Even with that average cost, you can make upgrades to your house that save you an extra $50-100 per year-and perhaps more-on your Iowa insurance quotes.

Stay Informed

With all the farmland around the state, many residents will want to make sure they find Iowa insurance quotes that fully cover every structure on their property, as well as their business assets . But farmers, executives, and wait staff alike should take the time to figure out just what they want to protect. After that, it’s easy to compare premiums that provide the coverage you want. You can call around, review online offers, or turn to a free service like to handle the comparison shopping for you. Think about other ways to cut costs, like combining your auto and home insurance policies, or shopping again if your credit improves, or you change careers. You can keep your costs as flat as Spirit Lake without a great deal of effort.

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