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You’ve already gone online to shop for health insurance and have received multiple quotes back from a number of insurance companies. The next step is to compare health insurance plans to determine which plan and quotes is best for you.

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NetQuote can help you learn the differences between various types of health insurance plans, the pros and cons of each, along with the variances in coverage and price. You’ll also learn what to look for in each health insurance quote, which will help you to determine what works best for you or your family.

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Whether you’re single or are married with children, having a solid insurance policy that you can afford to ensure you or your family is protected. Being an informed shopper will empower you to compare policies and decide on the best type of individual or family health insurance coverage that also fits your budget.

How to find the right health insurance plan

Finding the right plan depends largely on your personal needs for health insurance. Someone who is single and in good health will most likely need less insurance coverage than a family of four. However, knowing the basics of health insurance will help anyone make an informed decision on the right health plan.

What’s the difference between HMOs and PPOs?

There are many types of health plans, but the main choices are usually between an HMO (health maintenance organization) and a PPO (preferred provider organization), especially if you are able to get your insurance through your employer.

An HMO usually has lower monthly premiums, but requires you to get the majority of your healthcare through a restricted network of providers.

Getting care from a doctor outside of the network is usually not covered.

On the other hand, a PPO tends to have higher premiums, but offers more freedom in choosing doctors.

Compare individual with group health insurance quotes

Another choice that many people have to make in regards to health insurance is whether they want to purchase an individual insurance plan or go with a group health insurance plan.

Generally, a group health plan comes through your employer and is more affordable than an individual plan.

You can also sometimes get group plans through professional organizations or other organizations you may belong to.

Other health insurance concerns

You also have to consider your own health needs with any type of plan. Many people who are young and healthy can get insurance plans with low monthly premiums, but they may have high deductibles. As you age, the insurance premiums on individual plans will rise with your age. For those who already have some health concerns, a health plan with high deductibles may not be practical.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a health insurance plan and there is a lot to learn about health insurance in general. With netQuote, you have access to great resources to help you determine what will work for you.

Learn how easy and convenient shopping for affordable health insurance plans can be. Get your free online health insurance quotes today!

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