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Calling Into Question the Cheap Online Insurance Quote

While finding a cheap online insurance quote is an understandable goal, it’s important that consumers make a distinction between cheap online insurance and getting the biggest bang for your insurance dollar via a free online insurance quote. What’s the difference? A cheap online insurance quote implies that you’re willing to do anything in order to save a buck – including sacrificing the quality of your insurance coverage. Finding the best value, on the other hand, combines the best of both worlds: quality insurance coverage at the best possible price.

The Consequences of Cutting Costs by Cutting Coverage

If you’re still tempted to cut corners with a cheap online insurance quote in order to save a few bucks on your health, home, auto, or life insurance, it’s probably time to re-evaluate why you’re carrying insurance in the first place. Remember, the point of carrying insurance is to protect you and yours against the costs associated with illness, property damage, personal property loss, and even death. And while any insurance is better than no insurance, being underinsured can have serious consequences. A few examples:

  • Studies by the health care activist organization EINO have found that as many as 61,000,000 Americans are underinsured where health care is concerned. That’s 61,000,000 Americans who have to pay 10% or more of their annual pre-tax income on health expenses despite the fact that they pay monthly premiums for an insurance policy that doesn’t meet their needs.
  • In a study done by the consumer advocate organization United Policyholders, a shocking 75% of homeowners affected by the 2007 wildfire outbreak near San Diego, California were underinsured by an average of $240,000, making re-building a near impossibility for many victims of the fire.
  • According to a study done for the Arizona Department of Transportation, the incapacitated victims of underinsured motorists accumulate an average of $37,000 in medical bills after insurance is exhausted (and that doesn’t include the $2,200 in uncovered medical bills per un-incapacitated victim). In other words, if you’re at fault in a serious accident and you are underinsured, you’re looking at a minimum expense of $2,200, and potentially as much as $37,000, per person that you’re going to be liable for above and beyond what your insurance will pay for.

The Next Best Thing to a Cheap Online Insurance Quote

As those statistics make clear, cutting your insurance coverage in the hopes of obtaining cheap insurance premiums can undermine the purpose of acquiring coverage in the first place. In fact, in many cases the end result is getting kicked while you’re down. Not only are you stuck paying your monthly premiums, but you’ll end up footing most of the bill on your own if the worst should happen. What’s the best way to avoid this unsavory predicament? Cast all thoughts of a cheap online insurance quote to the wind, and focus instead on finding the best insurance value with a host of free online insurance quotes from an online insurance quote provider like

What Free Online Quotes Have to Offer

Whether you prefer the advice of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the Wall Street Journal, or Consumer Reports, they all agree that comparison shopping is the surest way to quality coverage and low rates where insurance is concerned. With online insurance quote services like you can get a handful of free insurance quotes from a wide range of providers at the click of a mouse, allowing you to compare rates, coverages, and service on the way to securing the best possible insurance coverage for you and your family.

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