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Business Insurance Quotes: Keys to Lowering Business Costs

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The first step in the business insurance buying process is obtaining quotes. This is the first step toward having insurance companies aggressively compete for your business. Here are the best ways to obtain business insurance quotes and get the best coverage for your business:

Talk to Others Who Do What You Do

If you have friends in the same business, when you ask them what insurance company their business coverage is with, also ask if they are satisfied with their service, coverage and premium. This will help you learn the names of insurance companies that are competing for your type of business and who you should contact for a business insurance quote.

Talk to Your Current Insurance Company

Okay, so maybe you don’t have business insurance yet. Regardless, there is probably some type of insurance e.g., auto, home, etc. you currently have. Contact your current insurance company and ask if they sell business insurance. If they do, purchasing a policy through this company may get you a multiple-policy discount.

Look for Association-Endorsed Companies

If your business is or will become part of a professional or trade association ask the association’s leaders if they endorse a specific insurance company. If so, the endorsed company may provide a discount or favorable coverage terms to members of the association. Getting a business insurance quote from this company will be a good place to start.

Go Online

The Internet is the most convenient and quickest way to get business insurance quotes. Many insurance companies will issue you a quote directly from their website. Other organizations, like netQuote, make it easy to complete and submit an online request for quotes form. These organizations will send your information to several insurance companies that will compete for your business.

Contact an Independent Agent

An independent insurance agent has access to several different insurance companies. The agent will collect information about your business and send it to the insurance companies he or she feels would be the best fit for your business. Also, many independent agents will continue to shop for deals, even after you purchase your initial business insurance policy through their agency.

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