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Find an Affordable Wyoming Health Insurance Quote

As the tenth largest state by area and least populous state, it’s no surprise that many Wyoming residents have limited access to health care services. Outside of Cheyenne, Casper, and Laramie, residents may have only one nearby hospital and but a handful of primary care physicians. This creates interesting dynamics for managed care plans with health “networks.” Not surprisingly, Wyoming has one of the lowest HMO penetration rates in the whole country. Yet, while choosing a Wyoming health insurance quote is a uniquely complicated process, the motivation for buying health insurance, including financial protection and access to medical treatments, is the same in the Equality State as it is anywhere else in the country. With the well-being of you and your loved ones in mind, here’s what you need to know about health insurance in Wyoming.


An Overview of Health Insurance in Wyoming

Despite (or, perhaps, due to) the inherent health care challenges of such a sparsely populated state, Wyoming boasts solid health coverage statistics, outperforming the national average for employer-based and individual market health coverage, while maintaining lower percentages of residents who are uninsured or must resort to Medicaid assistance, according to 2008 data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). That said, a languishing job market has created a new wave of former employees who are now struggling to find and afford any type of health insurance coverage. With an unemployment rate above seven percent for the first half of 2010, this may not sound that high compared to the national rate. Yet, before this most recent recession, the last time the state’s unemployment rate was above even six percent was 1989. COBRA is an option for some, but not all residents who can’t afford the premiums outside of employer-based coverage. Other state residents still have a job, but their employer has had to stop providing health coverage to employees to avoid layoffs or even going out of business.

Wyoming Health Insurance Quotes, Programs, and Online Resources

For some, the pain and difficulty in finding health coverage has less to do with money and more to do with access related to a previously diagnosed medical condition. Here’s some good news: Not only does the state have a high risk insurance pool, the Wyoming Health Insurance Pool, but the eligibility guidelines, while far from universal, are looser than they are in many states. For health insurance for the kids, public assistance is available through Kid Care CHIP, the children’s health insurance program. And speaking of public assistance, if you’re eligible for Medicaid coverage, swallowing your pride is a better option than going broke or being denied access to important health care services.

For more information about these and other state health insurance programs, use this link. To see how federal health care reform stands to affect health insurance in the state, use this link.

Finding an Affordable Wyoming Health Insurance Quote

Finding an affordable Wyoming health insurance quote is best done through a reliable online referral service, like netQuote. It takes only minutes to submit a request for quotes from licensed insurance companies writing policies in your area. These new online resources may be particularly useful in Wyoming, where the nearest insurance agent’s office can be dozens, if not hundreds, of miles away. Making a confident and carefully considered choice for your next health insurance policy from the comfort of your own home is all but sure to yield superior results. Not only can you efficiently comparison shop different companies and policies, but online referrals allow insurance companies to reduce the overhead costs, especially those associated with writing individual health insurance policies. With the fervent competition our online referral service creates, these savings must be largely passed on to the consumer for these insurance companies to remain cost-competitive. With zero risk or commitment involved, there’s no reason to wait to submit your online request.

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