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The Benefits of Wisconsin Home Insurance Quotes

From the Great Lakes to the Mighty Mississippi, America’s Dairyland is a fine place to call home, and for Wisconsin homeowners, insurance quotes are a valuable tool on the path to protecting your biggest investment for the most affordable price. Wisconsin home insurance is a necessity for some and an important precaution for others, but whether your policy is for your own peace-of-mind or required by a lender, if you haven’t checked out quotes from competing companies recently, you could easily be paying too much for it. There are plenty of factors that influence Wisconsin insurance quotes, and several ways to lower your existing rates; here are a few tried-and-true tactics for reducing your premiums, as well as a couple reasons why, in Wisconsin, home insurance quotes are so beneficial.


Average Wisconsin Home Insurance Rates

Right from the start, the rates for Wisconsin home insurance are more affordable than they are in most other areas of the country. When comparing HO-3 policies (the most common type of home insurance policy nationwide), the National Association of Insurance Commissioners finds that Wisconsin rates are the second lowest in the country. When you put The Badger State’s average of $490 a year next to the national average of $804, it’s easy to see that Wisconsinites have a pretty good thing going. Remember, though: Just because statewide averages for home insurance are low doesn’t mean that you’re automatically getting the best deal possible.

Lowering Wisconsin Homeowners Insurance Premiums

If your current rates aren’t fitting into your budget as nicely as you’d like them to, there are several things you can do to lower them. Altering your policy by increasing your deductible, lowering your limits, or reducing the number of perils covered by your policy will each reduce your premium; it’s important to note, however, that each of these tactics (though very effective in a pinch) can lead to more out-of-pocket costs if and when you need your policy to kick in.

Instead of reducing your rates by altering your coverage, for many Wisconsin homeowners, insurance discounts are available that can lower your rates without the threat of inadequate coverage or high out-of-pocket costs when an incident occurs. Different insurance companies offer different discounts, but almost all offer rate reductions for: installing a monitored alarm system, upgrading old wiring or plumbing, remaining claim-free for a number of years, and installing fire safety devices like smoke detectors. Because discounts can vary by company, it is definitely worth your time to discuss any that might be available to you with your current provider.

Using Wisconsin Homeowners Insurance Quotes Wisely

In addition to policy changes and discounts, switching from one provider to another can often lower the cost of your home insurance. Wisconsin insurance providers almost always offer slightly different rates for the same policy, but in some cases, the generally small variation in price from company to company is far more marked. By getting quotes from several insurance providers, Wisconsin homeowners can gauge just how much they could be saving by switching providers.

With NetQuote, getting multiple home insurance quotes is easy. Fill out a brief online form and let NetQuote get you multiple quotes from trusted insurance providers in your area. Though the cost of protecting your home is already low in Wisconsin, home insurance quotes are not going to cost you anything to examine. While you might find that your current insurance company is offering the best rates around, seeing what the competition is offering is not only easy, but free, too. With the ease and convenience of getting multiple quotes through NetQuote, there’s really no reason to pass up the possible savings you might find on your home insurance.

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