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The Many Benefits of Washington Home Insurance Quotes

From the hustle and bustle of Seattle to the peace and tranquility of The Evergreen States many wilderness areas, folks in Washington have no lack of settings to set roots in. For all Washington homeowners, insurance is something that is not only worth careful consideration, but a little bit of research, too. Washington home insurance providers are, of course, going to vary (sometimes significantly) in customer service, policy options, and most importantly the rates they offer. This is one of the reasons why Washington home insurance quotes are so helpful. To help make finding the best coverage at the most affordable price a little easier, here are some things to think about when buying your homeowners insurance policy, as well as a few tips on how discounts and quotes can make deciding between providers a little easier.


Special Considerations for Washington Homeowners Insurance Policies

Every state in the union has a few specific perils that need to be considered before purchasing home insurance. Washington is, for example, familiar with the effects of volcano eruption, mudslides, and earthquakes as well as the more common perils of floods, high winds, fires, and winter weather. When purchasing home insurance, Washingtonians must pay special attention to the coverage allotted to the less common perils; in many cases, additional and/or more comprehensive policies are needed to make sure you property is protected when affected by these specific events.

The Average Cost of Washington Home Insurance

When compared to national statistics, Washington homeowners insurance is very affordable. For the most popular homeowners policy, the HO-3, Washington’s $603 a year looks very reasonable when seen next to the national average of $804. Of course, as many standard homeowners policies do not cover some of Washington’s particular perils (an no standard policies cover flood damage), the amount Washingtonians pay for additional policies may conceivably be higher than normal.

Washington Home Insurance Discounts

While lowering the amount of coverage you have, the limits on that coverage, or the deductible you pay before insurance money kicks in will each lower the rates of your home insurance, Washington residents may also qualify for discounts that will reduce premiums without affecting their coverage. Installing a monitored alarm system or fire safety equipment like smoke detectors may qualify you for discounts; taking out multiple policies with the same provider, remaining claim-free for several years, or using specific “safer” building materials in your next remodel may also bring reduced rates. In many states, homeowners with exceptional credit histories are eligible for reduced rates, but as Washington’s laws are very tough on how much influence your credit history can have on your insurance premiums, good credit discounts may be harder to find (it should be noted that the laws concerning the relationship between Washington insurance rates and credit ratings are in place to keep insurance providers from raising the rates of those with poor credit history rather than to keep those with excellent credit histories from getting discounts).

How Washington Homeowners Insurance Quotes Can Help You

When shopping for home insurance, quotes are another path to savings. Since each provider can view the same situation a little differently, there will be a certain amount of variation between one company’s rates and another’s. Though this variation is often small, in some instances, it amounts to hundreds of dollars a year. This is why it is extremely important to get several quotes before purchasing Washington homeowners insurance. Quotes are one of the most effective tools in determining which company is going to offer the best deal for your particular situation, and while getting multiple quotes will not necessarily lead to hundreds of dollars in savings, those who fail to get quotes before they buy their policy will have no idea how competitive their rates are or if there are far more affordable premiums available from a different provider.

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