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How Washington Insurance Quotes Can Help You

In the state of Washington, insurance quotes are some of the most valuable tools available for getting the best price on the coverage you need. Whether you’re looking for health, life, auto, homeowners ,or business policies, Washington insurance providers are willing to compete for your business, and the quotes they give can help you decide which company to choose. Though most types of Washington insurance are not mandatory, the fact is: The security and peace-of-mind that comes with having a policy in place are, for most, well worth the cost. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for insurance in The Evergreen State, as well as a few helpful hints on lowering your existing insurance rates.

How Washington Insurance Rates Are Determined

As is the case throughout the country, in Washington, insurance is primarily purchased to protect people or property from the expenses of unforeseen risks. When you require medical attention, get into an accident, or your home is damaged by some unforeseen incident, having an insurance policy in place can lighten the blow. No matter what kind of insurance you’re considering, your rates will be determined by how much the insurance company is likely to pay out on your policy over its lifetime. After examining the various risks likely to damage or injure the people or property covered in your policy, the insurance companies calculate a yearly rate that should, over time, cover all the claims made on the policy and leave them with a little left over profit.

What Factors Affect Washington Insurance Rates

There are a number of factors that can raise or lower the cost of a policy. The area you live in can have a dramatic effect on the cost of just about any policy. Your marital status, age, claims history, and most importantly, the amount of coverage you purchase will all come into play when the insurance provider determines your rates. In many other places in the country, your credit history will also play a very important role in the cost of an insurance policy; Washington insurance laws are some of the toughest in the nation when it comes to restricting how insurance providers use your credit history, but poor credit may still have an effect on your rates.

The Washington Insurance Fair Conduct Act

In addition to regulations regarding the use of your credit history when determining your policy rates, Washington insurance laws also provide a direct route to recourse if your insurance provider treats you unfairly. As of December 6, 2007, the state of Washington Insurance Fair Conduct Act has given individual policy holders a clear path to legal remedies when an insurance company fails to make good on a reasonable claim or violates particular regulations. Though this act doesn’t apply to claims made on health insurance policies, the fact that Washington insurance companies can be held accountable when policy holders feel they are being treated unfairly makes a powerful statement to providers and policy holders, alike.

Reducing the Cost of Washington Insurance

Most insurance policies include a stipulated deductible: an agreed upon amount that you will pay out-of-pocket before the insurance company begins to chip in. Raising your deductible will lower your yearly rates. Additionally, reducing the number of incidents where the insurance company will pay out or lowering the maximum amount (your limits) the provider can be held responsible for will each lower your rates. Policy holders using any of these techniques to reduce insurance costs must be aware that they run the risk of paying more out-of-pocket if an incident occurs.

Washington insurance companies also offer discounts that many residents are (or may be in the future) eligible for. Keeping a clean claim history, taking out multiple policies with the same insurer, and several other actions can qualify you for reduced rates or discounts, so talk to your insurance provider about which (if any) you may already qualify for.

Using Washington Insurance Quotes to Lower Rates

As they are everywhere else in the country, in Washington, insurance quotes are free to everyone. By getting multiple quotes before you purchase a policy, you will easily be able to see which companies are offering the lowest rates for people in your specific situation. With modern technology, getting Washington insurance quotes is easier than ever. NetQuote specializes in getting multiple quotes for people just like you; simply fill out a brief form online and let NetQuote match you with quotes from several local companies offering the kind of coverage you want.

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