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Utilizing Vermont Auto Insurance Quotes


For drivers in Vermont, auto insurance is not only beneficial, but a necessity. There are certainly wide variations in the kinds of policies Vermonters choose (or are required) to carry, and the amount people pay for these policies can vary just as dramatically. This is why getting quotes is so important. Whether you’re looking to purchase your first policy or you simply want to make sure your current policy is competitive with today’s going rates, from Burlington to Bennington, Vermont insurance quotes are helping drivers make an informed decision on maintaining or purchasing their car insurance.

Vermont Auto Insurance Averages

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the average yearly cost of Vermont auto insurance is $662. This puts the Green Mountain State’s number at more than $100 a year less than the national average of $795. Of course, several factors go into determining individual policy rates, and for many drivers in Vermont, auto insurance premiums are going to be much higher or lower than the statewide average.

Determining the Cost of Vermont Auto Insurance

With the second lowest population of any state in the union, Vermont drivers already have a leg-up when it comes to finding affordable auto insurance. Vermont’s small population is a huge plus when it comes to insuring a car, because insurance companies have a long history of offering lower rates in less populated areas. This is because the risk of an accident (and the insurance company paying out) goes down when there are fewer cars on the road. Other risk factors like the statewide crime rate are also lower, making it easier for insurance providers to offer affordable rates.

While Vermont auto insurance quotes and premiums are made lower by some factors statewide, individual policies are very strongly affected by the risks associated with the person buying the policy. Those with poor credit history, bad driving records, or a history of making frequent claims each pose a risk for insurance companies; the good news is, there are several things you can do to lower the amount of risk you pose in the eyes of an insurance provider.

Vermont Auto Insurance Discounts

Instead of raising your deductible, lowering your limits, or limiting your coverage to lower the cost of your auto insurance, Vermont drivers can look for discounts offered by their insurance provider that they may be eligible for. Vermont auto insurance providers often offer discounts for: installing an anti-theft device, having multiple cars on the same policy, having multiple policies with the same provider, remaining accident free for a number of years, and taking a defensive driving course. Hybrid drivers and those operating vehicles with air bags and anti-lock brakes may be offered discounts or reduced rates from the start; mature drivers and students with good grades may also be eligible for discounts.

How Vermont Auto Insurance Quotes Can Save You Money

Not everyone is eligible for discounts, but every driver can get free quotes. In Vermont, auto insurance quotes are generally slightly different depending on the insurance company you deal with; in some cases, however, the difference in quotes can be hundreds of dollars a year. The more quotes you get, the more likely you are to find a provider offering lower-than-average rates. For drivers nationwide (and, of course, those in Vermont) auto insurance quotes are one of the easiest and most effective tools for checking out the competition and finding a great deal. If you want to find the most affordable policy for your situation, fill out a brief form and let NetQuote match you with quotes from multiple insurance providers in your area.

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