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Utah Business Insurance: Solid as a Rock

Glorious natural rock arches. Red rock that blazes in the setting sun. Mountain slopes both gentle and dramatic, often layered with powdery snow. Utah certainly has its share of natural attractions, and that makes tourism a major factor in the state’s economy. Anyone who makes a living on tourism should be familiar with Utah business insurance policies. Otherwise, trouble may lurk beneath all that seemingly placid beauty.

Liability Insurance and the Tourist Trade

When visitors use your services, they may decide to hold you liable for any injury that occurs. If a patron is skiing in Deer Valley or Park City, and they have an accident, they may claim that the accident was caused by the resort’s negligence. If the guest of a business offering bike tours in Moab flips a bike or hits a rock and is injured, the person may decide to sue the business for damages. If business owners aren’t prepared, these sorts of liability cases might end up depleting assets. The important takeaway about Utah commercial insurance is that people get hurt for all kinds of reasons, and they often refuse to shoulder the blame themselves. They might hit you with a lawsuit that should be dismissed on merit, but if it goes to trial, you’ll pay for attorneys and more if you haven’t picked the right Utah business insurance policy.

Utah Property Insurance

Helping tourists access and comfortably enjoy Utah’s natural beauty is big business for many Utahns. But ski lifts can get damaged during harsh winter storms and wear down over years exposed to extreme weather. Those types of assets require property protection. Then there are the typical businesses in the state. From retail stores in Provo and marketing companies in St. George, Utah business insurance companies offer a wide range of plans and policies to cover almost any need.

Both buildings and inventory will figure into your Utah business insurance quotes. There are different levels of protection, based on how much you want to cover and what the total value is. You can even specify certain risks that worry you. is designed to provide a quick and easy path to the business insurance Utah executives and business owners are seeking.

Coverage for Workers

You’ll need a workers’ compensation plan if you have employees in the Beehive State. Sometimes risk will influence your Utah business insurance quotes, as might be the case for workers mining for gold, silver, lead and beryllium. In addition to workers’ comp, though, many businesses offer employees health, vision, dental and life insurance plans. While those businesses need to be able to meet their employees’ needs sufficiently, they also have to do so affordably. This requires research, and we’re dedicated to making the research process as simple as possible.

Small Business Insurance Plans

Health insurance can also revolve around risk and the number of employees, but that doesn’t mean only large businesses need to worry about health insurance. While there are large enterprises in Lehi, Salt Lake City, and other parts of Utah, small business insurance is just as important. Companies need to make sure they are offering health plans that cover their employees’ needs, including health, dental and vision coverage where possible.

The Jazz

All right, we know, the Utah Jazz is a holdover name from the franchise’s New Orleans origins. Still, great insurance for a low annual premium is sweet music to any business owner’s ears. Strike the right notes by letting compare a number of quotes. You select one, and your business saves on costs now and in the future.

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