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Provo Insurance Quotes

Nicknamed “Happy Valley” by locals, residents of Provo, Utah, have a lot to smile about –beautiful weather, amazing mountain views, and no shortage of outdoor activities make the quality of life in Provo high. One thing you may not be grinning about if you live in Provo, however, are auto insurance rates. Ranked 29th in the nation in 2008 in auto insurance costs, there is definitely room for lowering your Provo insurance rates.

There are many factors that can influence Provo insurance rates, from population to crime rate to driving history. While you can’t control all of these, you can definitely make some changes that will lower your Provo insurance quotes.

Keep Your Car Safe

In 2007, there were a reported 280 auto thefts in Provo. High risk of auto theft can mean higher insurance costs, but you can keep these down. An auto alarm or other anti-theft device in your car is one way you can lower your rates. Parking in a garage or carport each night can also help increase the safety of your vehicle.

Slow Down

Tickets will drive your insurance rates sky-high, especially if you are younger. And in Utah, those tickets stay on your driving record for three years. Be aware of posted speed limits and adhere to them; it is not uncommon for streets in Provo to suddenly go from a limit of 45 down to 35. Telling the police officer that you didn’t know the speed limit isn’t going to get you out of a ticket.

In the event that you do get a ticket, Utah allows you to take one defensive driving course a year within a specified time period. Upon successful completion, this ticket is removed from your record and won’t affect your insurance.

Drive Defensively

Getting in an accident is a hassle. Causing an accident is an even bigger hassle and will raise your auto insurance substantially. Not only will you notice an accident on your record when you get Provo insurance quotes, but you will most likely walk away with a few tickets. In Utah, it’s very common to receive multiple tickets at an accident site. For example, if you are driving along the street and accidentally swerve into another lane, hitting the car, the officer who arrives on the scene could slap you with a ticket not only for improper change lane, but for causing an accident as well. That’s one at-fault accident, two tickets, and three years of high insurance rates for negligent driving.

Finding Provo Insurance Quotes

Obtaining multiple Provo insurance quotes and then comparing them to find the best rate is another way you can save money. is an excellent site for finding multiple insurance quotes for free within minutes, saving you the hassle of calling around to different companies and giving each your information. Simply enter in your information, and does the rest of the work for you.

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