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Waking Up to Way Better Waco Insurance Quotes

Whether you are a freshman at Baylor, a staff physician at Providence Health Center or an engineer at L3 Communications, you have burning questions about how to source and sort through Waco insurance quotes. After all, dangers in central Texas abound. As a homeowner, no doubt you’ve heard tales of the May 1953 tornado that killed over 100 people and destroyed tons of property downtown. If you’ve ever driven over the Waco suspension bridge, you’ve no doubt contemplated the dangers of motoring on roads like I-35, State Highway 6, and US 84. And of course, the haunting specter of the Branch Davidian shootout no doubt informs your risk calculus, at least subconsciously.

At the same time, while you know you need insurance for a variety of reasons — to protect your home, car, health, and possessions — you need to adhere closely to your budget. You crave Waco insurance quotes that won’t break your bank but will provide proof against calamity. This article will explain some key statistics, explore methods to get discounts on Waco insurance quotes, and provide a battle-proven mechanism to source good quotes now.

Homeowners and Auto: A Guide for Waco Insurance Shoppers
Homeowners — In 2007, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) conducted a state-by-state survey of the average premiums for homeowners insurance. The NAIC found that Texans paid an unbelievable $1,448 for standard HO-3 policies. Compared to the US average of $822, that’s extremely high. Obviously, Texas finds itself subjected to a battery of dangers, from crazy weather blowing in off the Gulf to fires to brutal criminal activity near the Mexico border and in the inner cities.

Don’t let that $1,448 figure give you an upset stomach. Your rate may be much lower depending on personal and local factors. How safe is your neighborhood? Do you live near a fire hydrant or fire station? Do you have good home security and fire protection? How is your credit health? And so on. Drive down your Waco insurance rates by installing deadbolts and better security, insuring your home and auto on the same policy, and shopping around for quotes. Be sure to vet prospective insurers through some objective intermediary like A.M. Best or Standard & Poor’s.

Auto — The NAIC found that Texans on average paid $808 for their auto in 2007 — just a little bit more than the US average of $795. Looking at this closer, we see that Texans paid $337 for collision, $168 for comprehensive and $450 for liability. Again, reduce your “riskiness” to appeal to insurers. Install antilock brakes and daytime running lights. Stay out of trouble on the road — avoid accidents, traffic citations, and driving while distracted on the cell phone. Explore discounts if you are an experienced driver, low-mileage driver, student, or retiree.

Above all, reevaluate your home and auto (and other) insurance needs on a regular basis — at least once a year — to see whether you qualify for new discounts.

Weighing In on Waco Insurance Quotes
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