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How Texas Auto Insurance Quotes Can Save You Money


In the great state of Texas, auto insurance is something that many people are required to have by law. Though those who own their vehicles outright have the option of buying bare-bones liability auto insurance, Texas drivers who are still making payments on their vehicles are typically required by their lenders to maintain collision and/or comprehensive coverage, along with uninsured motorist coverage. No matter what your particular situation is, Texas auto insurance is a necessity that you might be paying too much for. This is why Texas auto insurance quotes are such valuable tools.

Texas Auto Insurance Averages

Right from the start, Lone Star State drivers should be aware that Texas insurance is a little more expensive than auto insurance in other places. At an average cost of $808 a year, Texas auto insurance is just higher than the national average of $795. Of course, the higher statewide average doesn’t mean that every driver from Houston to El Paso is paying an arm and a leg; what it does mean is Texas drivers should be particularly careful when picking an insurance provider and policy if they want the most adequate coverage for the most reasonable price.

Discounts on Texas Auto Insurance

There are several things you can do to lower the cost of your auto insurance. Texas drivers who remain accident-free for many years are likely to be eligible for reduced rates, as are drivers who install an anti-theft device on their vehicle. Taking a defensive driving course, raising your credit score, and even turning 55 can also play a role in lowering your insurance premiums.

For some drivers, these discounts are either unattainable or don’t provide a significant enough reduction in rates to make their policy affordable. In these cases, lowering the types of incidents that are covered, lowering the limits of how much the insurance company will pay in the event of an accident, or increasing the amount you pay out-of-pocket in the event of an accident (known as your deductible) can reduce the cost of your auto insurance. Texas drivers should be aware, however, that getting discounts and altering policies are not the only paths to reduced rates.

Texas Auto Insurance Quotes

With a few key pieces of information, most insurance providers can give you an estimate of how much you would pay for a particular level of coverage; this estimate is called a quote. For many drivers in Texas, auto insurance quotes are extremely effective tools for finding a great policy at an affordable rate. Since insurance companies put more weight on certain factors (like your zip code, your driving history, or the make and model of your vehicle) when determining how much your policy will cost, it is very likely that one company will charge slightly more or slightly less than another for the same amount of coverage. In some cases, however, these slight variations in insurance rates aren’t slight at all. When you get multiple quotes from several different companies, you’re likely to find that there will be a noticeable difference between the highest and lowest quotes; in some cases, the highest quote will cost hundreds of dollars a year more than the lowest.

Using NetQuote to Lower Texas Auto Insurance Costs

While getting several auto insurance quotes from multiple companies used to be a matter of searching through the phonebook and calling up different agents, technology has made getting quotes from different companies easier. With NetQuote, finding and comparing Texas auto insurance quotes is easy and fast; type in your zip code, fill out a brief form, and NetQuote will give you multiple quotes from insurance providers in your area. Once you see the numbers side-by-side, identifying the most affordable policy is a snap. Since the lowest-priced policy could be hundreds of dollars less per year than the policy you already have, it is well worth the time it takes to see what companies in your area are offering.

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