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Remember the Alamo: San Antonio Insurance

San Antonio is one of the country’s fastest-growing cities, and insurers want to capitalize on this growing market. And at the same time, the city’s proud citizens want to preserve their unique lifestyles; architect Frederick Law Olmstead once remarked that New Orleans was the only city that could rival San Antonio in “odd and antiquated foreignness.” In order to maintain this interesting local flavor, you need to protect yourself and your family against disaster. San Antonio insurance is the best defense against careless drivers, theft, violent storms, and any number of threats. Home, car, and life insurance policies are also affordable, if you take the time to compare San Antonio insurance quotes.

Safety Begins at Home

When you start to contemplate home insurance, “Remember the Alamo” could be a warning to not leave your house with inadequate defenses. How much will it cost to fully insure your dwelling and possessions? If you take the steps to enhance your profile, San Antonio insurance quotes are very reasonable. Your credit score, insurance and claims history, education level and profession all carry weight with insurers. So does the safety level of your house. In recent months, the average premium for a home insurance policy in San Antonio was $932. If you protect your house against theft by installing deadbolt locks and a burglar alarm, you can lower those San Antonio insurance quotes by almost $100 per year. Insurers also rate your home’s fire protection, which means the distance to the nearest fire department. By adding smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, you can save another 15% on your Texas home insurance.

Don’t Mess with Car Insurance

Not even Tim Duncan can get away with driving in San Antonio without car insurance. According to Texas law, every driver in the Lone Star State must establish financial responsibility to drive. Most San Antonio residents choose the easiest option to prove financial responsibility, which is the minimum car insurance coverage: bodily injury liability covergae of $25,000 per injured person, up to a total of $50,000 per accident, and property damage liability coverage of at least $25,000. If you fail to show financial responsibility, you’ll be subject to fines, and possibly have your car impounded. Texas does not require uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage, but many people find that the extra cost on their San Antonio insurance quotes is worth the peace of mind.

Smart Shopping

Without a doubt, the best way to save on your San Antonio insurance quotes is to compare as many offers as possible. But you can also save by making savvy choices. A 40-year-old man in San Antonio, who drives a 2007 Toyota 4Runner to work 12 miles roundtrip, will pay about $1,230 a year for the state minimum coverage. He can save money by placing multiple drivers on the same policy. For example, if he adds his 30-year-old wife and her 2006 Ford Focus, the annual premium will be about $1,520 for both drivers-saving him more than $400 for himself. On the other hand, if he doesn’t act responsibly, and lets his insurance lapse for a month while he contemplates the policy he wants, he can add as much as $200 per year to his total Texas auto insurance cost.

More Ways to Save

You might also want to consider public transportation. In San Antonio, the average drive time each workday is 23.8 minutes. By eliminating this time on the road, insurers will see you as a lower-risk driver and respond with lower San Antonio insurance quotes. The VIA Metropolitan Transit charges about $30 per month for the unlimited Big Pass, which is one of the best deals in the country. You should also consider combining your car and home insurance policies, which normally saves hundred of dollars per year. A free service like makes it easy to compare Texas insurance quotes and inform you of all the ways you can save. With the right coverage, your future will be as bright as the festival of lights at the River Walk every holiday season.

Please provide a valid zip code.