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Closing in on the Best McKinney Insurance Quotes

Whether you are a District Manager at Wal-Mart, a product engineer at Raytheon, or a Collin County government employee, you understand the dynamic and ever-changing risks that McKinney residents face. From crazy drivers on the El Dorado Parkway to rusty nails poking out of a wooden seesaw on the playground of Eddins Elementary School, hazards lurk in both the most likely and the most unlikely places. To protect your home, business, car, and family, you crave solid and easy to cross-compare McKinney insurance quotes.

After all, without some kind of “standard candle” to compare insurance company offers against one another, it may be nearly impossible to determine whether a proposed package is fairly priced and well-tailored to your needs. To that end, this article can break down and explain some key thematic ways to save and analyze statistics to help you lock into a more favorable and better-priced McKinney insurance policy.

Home on the Range — If You Have the Money
Even the hard boiled Collin McKinney himself (who witnessed the signing of the Texas Declaration of Independence) would have trouble assessing McKinney insurance quotes for homeowners these days. After all, in 2007, the independent National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) found that Texas homeowners paid nearly $1,500 on average for their HO-3 policies — ranking the Lone Star State as the second worst for homeowners rates in the country. Only Florida — a state that’s besieged by hurricanes that mangle homes and businesses to the tune of several billion dollars on a regular basis — has worse rates. Texas renters don’t have it much better (compared with their fellow renters elsewhere in the US). Texas renters paid $226, according to those NAIC numbers, ranking Texas as the fourth worst state for renters.

So what’s going on with these colossal rates? First of all, Texas sees its fair share of tough weather — including hurricanes, tornados, strange storms, and even the occasional cold snap. Second, crime in certain areas of the state can get very bad — particularly in border towns and even in some areas of Dallas and its suburbs.

But you don’t care that much about trends — you want to know how to get your McKinney insurance quotes under control. Obviously, that $1,500 (actually, to be specific, it’s $1,448) is only an average. Your rate may be much lower (or much higher) depending on numerous factors, including the safety of your neighborhood, your house’s proximity to a fire station, your credit score, whether you have a good security and sprinkler system installed, and the size of your deductible. To boost those rates, do you need to be as strong as a Dallas Cowboys linebacker, mentally speaking? Absolutely not. In fact, by making a few small adjustments, practically anyone can score significantly lower rates. For instance, raise your deductible from whatever you are paying now — be it $250 or $500 — to something along the lines of $1,000 or $1,500. This may expose you to greater risk, especially if you anticipate problems like broken pipes, roof damage, lawn damage, and busted windows — all of which will likely fall below your deductible (so you will have to pay out of pocket to fix them). But by spiking that deductible, you will indicate to insurers that you are less risky, and your premiums should concomitantly go down. If you go this route, just be sure to set aside a little fund to be able to draw on in case you need to correct those minor ticky-tack problems discussed above.

Shopping to Optimize Your McKinney Insurance Rates
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