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Whether you’re a Hidalgo County Border Patrol agent, a sophomore at South Texas College, a marketing manager who works at Chase Texas Tower, or a groundskeeper at the Rio Grande Speedway, you crave a faster way to explore McAllen insurance quotes. Truth be told, life at the border can be hard and dangerous. Traffic accidents on US Highway 83, for instance, can lead to serious liability claims. Border scuffles tax the resources of the local police and often lead to arrests. And political battles about immigration perennially occupy the minds of residents here.

Since 2000, McAllen has seen a population growth that could be conservatively described as “explosive.” All these factors mean that individuals seeking insurance must examine a wide array of dynamic influences, from their credit scores to the impact that the 2010 Gulf oil spill will have on local businesses. As if shopping for insurance wasn’t hard enough! Well, no one said life in the Lone Star State would be easy. Fortunately, a clearer view of McAllen insurance facts, statistics and discount opportunities can maximize the effectiveness of your policies.

An Eagle Eyed Look at Auto and Homeowners Statistics
In 2007, Texans paid $448 on average for their homeowners insurance – the second highest rate in the nation for HO-3 policies. Renters didn’t have it much better. They paid $226, ranking Texas as the fourth most expensive state in the US. Only Floridian homeowners paid more. And that’s likely due to the perennial hazards associated with hurricanes blowing in off the Gulf.

Texas auto insurance numbers were far less gruesome. Texans paid $808 on average in 2007, according to National Association of Insurance Commissioners – just a few dollars more than what the average US driver paid ($795). Nevertheless, a full 15% of Texas drivers did not have insurance back in 2007, according to the Insurance Research Council. And informal surveys suggest that uninsured rates in Hidalgo County – particularly near the border area – may be substantially higher.

Well-tailored McAllen insurance policies should protect you against the hazards of owning a home, driving a car, and doing business — all without burning a hole in your pocket. For instance, if you own an old pickup truck you only use for hauling goods and equipment along the Rio Grande, consider opting out of collision or comprehensive and saving on your premiums. After all, if the car gets dented or you get a big scrape down the side or something, you don’t really care. So why bother insuring against that damage? Moral is — understand what you don’t need covered — as well as what you do — before shopping for McAllen insurance quotes.

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