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Envision the Possibilities: Lubbock Insurance Quotes

It’s impossible to foretell the future; just when life seems predictable an event happens that turns everything upside down. Case and point: when Lubbock native Buddy Holly hopped onboard that B35 in 1959, do you think he predicted it would the last day of his life? With a promising career ahead of him and a baby on the way, the world was Holly’s oyster. Life is fragile and if you prepare in advance you can ensure your loved ones have time to grieve without financial hardship. Social security and life insurance through your Texas employer will assist your family to some extent, but purchasing a personal policy could support them for years to come.

Life Insurance Options
Term life and permanent life are the two basic types of life insurance. Term life insurance is straightforward; if you purchase $200,000 worth of insurance your beneficiary receives $200,000 upon your death. In the beginning, Lubbock insurance quotes for a term life policy are expected to be lower than for a permanent life policy. However, with a fixed expiration date, your term life premium is likely to increase if you outlive your policy and want to purchase a new one seeing as the new policy will reflect your current age and health. According to a 2010 LIMRA International press release, the top two reasons Americans have life insurance is to cover burial and final expenses, and to help replace the income of primary wage earners. Term life is an effective choice in reaching these goals, but it’s a good idea to consider a Lubbock insurance policy with permanent life coverage as well. Permanent life insurance is good for your whole life and it comes with a savings feature that builds over time. This savings component can increase the death benefit or you can borrow against it in the future. You can anticipate higher Lubbock insurance quotes for a permanent life policy but the incentives are attractive to those who opt for this valuable coverage.

Expect the Unexpected
Just as death sometimes occurs out of the blue so do car accidents, natural disasters and health complications. With that being said, it’s important to have optimal insurance coverage for your vehicle, home and health. Most Lubbock insurance providers will discount your premium if you use their agency to cover all of your insurance needs. You can also save money if your home and vehicle are equipped with anti-theft devices or by increasing your deductible. Lubbock insurance quotes can vary greatly from company to company, that’s why it’s important to explore your options instead of settling with the first company that appears in your online search. We realize time is a precious commodity and it can be inconvenient and unrealistic to take the time to call individual companies on your own, which is why NetQuote’s services are so valuable. Our services are free to anyone who fills out our online form. This easy questionnaire simply helps us match you with insurance providers that offer the coverages you need. This one form harvests multiple Lubbock insurance quotes from several companies so you can compare rates and coverages in order to make a confident decision.

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