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Longview Insurance 101

Shopping for Longview insurance quotes isn’t as simple as deciding whether to attend UT or A&M. Those decisions are likely made for you at birth. But because Texas is the size of many European countries, insurance conditions from one end of the state to the next are liable to vary dramatically. If you lived in Houston your average work commute time would be 27 minutes; Longview only 18 minutes. Residents of Galveston have hurricanes to contend with. In Longview, you have tornadoes. The differences are about the same when you look at getting Longview insurance quotes.

Same Home, Different Home?

Here are two quotes for the same $150,000, 10-year-old frame house in Longview where the owner has good credit and has been claim free for 5 years. The coverage is similar in most respects:

Insurer A offers eight potential discounts (alarm, sprinkler, multiple policies, etc.). Insurer B offers six. Both cover all perils.

Insurer A pays up to 40% of the dwelling limit for additional living expenses in the event your home is unlivable. Insurer B pays 20%.

But here’s where the two companies diverge quickly:

Insurer A- Cost $573
Insurer B –Cost $1,355

Driving and Longview Insurance Quotes

Texas law says you need the minimum liability coverage of $25,000 per injured person, $50,000 for everyone injured in an accident, and $25,000 for property damage. Let’s look at few Longview insurance scenarios.

Say you’re a male, ages 25-65, driving a truck, with one speeding ticket in the last three years. Your coverage is the minimum 25/50/25. One company will quote you $1,158. Another just $234. Why the big difference? There could be a hundred reasons or just one. All of them come down to economics. Here’s another scenario.

A married female under 25 driving a car with no previous violations, good credit and 50/100/50 policy coverage. Quotes ranged from $329 to $1,746.

It Pays to Comparison Shop

Wow! See how it pays to shop. If you had called only one company, you may have called one that cost far more for about the same coverage. That’s why it pays to shop with a company like NetQuote. It’s free and for about the time it takes you to read the front page of the News-Journal, you can have a handful of Longview insurance quotes from companies competing for your business.

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