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Safe in All Seasons: El Paso Insurance

That hot Texas sun might feel particularly strong in El Paso, since the booming city enjoys well over 300 days of sunshine each year. And sure, the wild “Six Shooter Capital” days are a distant memory. But when trouble rears its head, as it always can, where are you going to turn? What if the snowstorm of 1987 happened again? Is your home protected against the weight of ice and snow? Suppose a burglar swung by the house while you were out. Are your possessions adequately covered? El Paso insurance is your personal guarantee that life won’t look as unforgiving as a Cormac McCarthy novel. With the proper research, that guarantee is affordable, too.

Home Insurance

For a 1,800 square foot home, the standard dwelling coverage in El Paso-based on average home value-should be about $147,000. You’ll want to search for El Paso insurance quotes that include at least 80% coverage for your dwelling. That’s the standard policy, which protects your home against common weather and crime perils. If you want a more comprehensive policy-say, one that covers you against the weight of ice and snow-you’re going to pay a higher premium. Snow may not concern you, but allowing for unexpected weather and other perils often has a positive cost-benefit outcome. If you can’t find El Paso insurance quotes that suit you, try raising your deductible to a manageable amount, or combining your Texas home insurance with another type of insurance policy.

Monsoon Season and You

When the roads are dry and the midsummer heat rolls in, staying inside with a sweet tea sounds a lot more reasonable than spending money on a flood insurance policy. And let’s face it, El Paso only averages about eight inches of rain each year. Just don’t overlook recent history: in the summer of 2006, more than 15 inches fell in a single week, and the subsequent floods caused an estimated $77 million in damages to private property. As you probably know, flash floods are part and parcel of monsoon season. You might be protected from the hail of a sudden storm, but floods are a whole other matter. You’ll need a separate federal policy to cover yourself against this type of water damage.

Texas Law Is El Paso Law

Out in the west Texas town of El Paso, you’d better think twice about driving without the state-required car insurance. You’ll probably want to figure in greater protection than the minimum when you compare El Paso insurance quotes, but Texas auto insurance law requires at least a 25/50/25 policy: bodily injury liability of $25,000 per injured person, up to a total of $50,000 per accident, and property damage liability of $25,000. You don’t have to add coverage for uninsured and underinsured drivers to your policy, but if you get into an accident with either, you’ll be glad if all the damages are covered.

Educate Yourself

With various school districts and the University of Texas El Paso among the city’s biggest employers, you might wonder what a teacher pays for car insurance. As with any driver, it depends on many factors, including age, gender, what kind of car you drive, and whether you own or finance your car. A 30-year-old female teacher in El Paso drives to work daily in a 2004 Toyota RAV4. She drives about six miles one way, and her car is financed. Her annual premium for the state minimum? Around $1,320. Generally, a woman in this age range is considered fairly safe by insurers. She can help lower her El Paso insurance quotes more by lowering her annual mileage. But she can also hurt her cause by being careless. If she was cited for aggressive driving four months ago, her premium might go up by $150.

Putting It All Together

As you can surmise, there are a number of things to consider if you want great insurance. The best option-for taking all the facts into account, and for saving hundreds of dollars-is to compare as many Texas insurance quotes as you can find. For no cost, will do the work for you. So protect yourself for less, and use that extra money for more meals at your favorite authentic Tex-Mex restaurant. You’ll earn it simply by being sensible.

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