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Valuable Words: Corpus Christi Insurance

As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas, and, according to statistics, this adage holds true. Whether it’s homeowners or auto insurance, you’re sure to pay more than the U.S. average in the Lone Star State. But a little research and patience can take you a long way if you’re looking for ways to save money on your Corpus Christi insurance quotes.

You’re Not Alone

Homeowners insurance in Texas is pricy. As a matter of fact, Texans had the highest HO-3 (the most common homeowners insurance coverage) and HO-4 (renters insurance) average premiums in the United States in 2006, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. And, according to the Insurance Information Institute, residents of The Lone Star State paid the second highest homeowners insurance at $1,448 in 2007 (Florida ranked highest at $1,534). There’s no question that residents of The Sparkling City by the Sea could use a break when it comes to their Corpus Christi insurance quotes. Insurance companies might show you a little love by offering discounts to those who safeguarded their homes with a impact-resistant roof; fire extinguishers; burglar, fire, and smoke alarms; and/or an automatic sprinkler systems. Keep in mind that you may have to purchase additional flood insurance through FEMA to safeguard your valuables.

Auto Insurance

According to the Insurance Information Institute, Texans paid a little more ($808) than the national average ($795) in 2007 when it came to auto insurance. Keep in mind that your premiums may fall below or above this average. To ensure you fall closer to the latter, be sure to tell your Corpus Christi insurance agent about any anti-theft you may have installed on your vehicle. Warning devices and tracking devices are sure to lead to discounts.

Understanding Your Life Insurance Policy

If your family relies on your income it’s good to know they will have continued support after you’re gone. An affordable life insurance policy that fits your family’s needs is essential for the peace of mind your family will be financially secure when that time comes. Term life, whole life and endowment are a few Corpus Christi insurance options. The most common and least expensive type of plan is term life. It is good for a specified amount of time and carries a death benefit that only pays out during that specific time period. A whole life plan has a fixed premium that includes a death benefit and cash value. An endowment life insurance has a fixed expiration that pays out whether or not you outlive the policy. This type of insurance is good for those who outlive the policy and want a lump sum to help pay for retirement or college expenses. Decide what type of coverage you want and how much you can afford then get multiple Corpus Christi insurance quotes so you know you’re protecting your family while getting the best deal.

Finding Corpus Christi Insurance Quotes

Now that you have the facts you can choose to search out the hundreds of Corpus Christi insurance options, or you could use a free service like NetQuote to do the work for you. Just take a few minutes to fill out a form and NetQuote staff will come back with several Corpus Christi insurance quotes you can work with.

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