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Abilene Insurance Quotes

Texas –nowhere in the country will you find a state bigger in size, state pride, or reputation. However, Texas also has some of the highest insurance premium rates in nation. In Abilene, Texas, you can save on your insurance costs by taking advantage of some of the things that make the city so famous.

Abilene Insurance Discounts for Drivers

Abilene is well known throughout the state and the country for its impressive public education system; it’s ranked 17th in the nation and the highest city in Texas based on factors such as student/teacher ratio, graduation rate, proximity to top universities, and education population (percentage of adults with two-year degrees or higher).

There are many discounts available to students and well as teachers. Students who take their education seriously, as many do in Abilene, will be able to keep the costs of their auto insurance low. Students who meet the following criteria may be eligible for substantial discounts:

  • 3.0 GPA
  • Dean’s List or Honor Roll
  • Upper 20% of class
  • National standardized test scores (such as ACT and SAT) in the upper 20%

Distant student accounts also apply to students who are attending college up to 100 miles away and don’t have regular access to their vehicle. Their parents can keep them on the policy for a small price, making it so they don’t have to be uninsured when they return home to use a family car. You may not be aware of these discounts, but you’ll want to keep them in mind when gathering information for your Abilene insurance quotes, especially if you are a student or have student drivers on your policy.

Abilene Insurance Military Discounts

Dyess Air Force Base is also located in Abilene. If you are in the military and you live in Abilene, as many of the residents do, you are eligible for significant auto and homeowner insurance discounts. This not only applies to active duty soldiers, but retired military, reserve, and guard as well. Savings can be as much as 15% off your annual auto premium, which averages over $800 in Texas. Members of the military who are deployed are eligible for even higher discounts.

Abilene Insurance Quotes

Just because you live in Texas doesn’t mean you have to pay an arm and a leg for insurance coverage. Educating yourself on available discounts and getting multiple Abilene insurance quotes will help you save the most money possible. A site like will provide you with all you need to know, from insurance discounts to instant multiple free Abilene insurance quotes, to get all types of insurance for the best possible price.

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