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The Benefits of South Dakota Auto Insurance Quotes


For drivers in South Dakota, auto insurance quotes are a tool worth looking into. If you are shopping for your first policy, quotes will help you find the lowest rates available; if you’ve been getting your insurance from the same provider for years, quotes will show you just how competitive your current rates are when compared to those offered by other companies. Since state law requires some coverage for all drivers in South Dakota, insurance quote are useful for folks in every part of the state; here are a few things to think about when comparing insurance policies, and a few helpful hints on finding quotes and getting the most affordable policy possible.

How South Dakota Auto Insurance Quotes Are Determined

Insurance quotes are basically an estimate. By giving an insurance company some specific pieces of information about the policy you want and your particular situation, the company can give you an estimate of how much you would pay for one of their policies. This estimate is determined by many factors, and each quote is positively affected by some things and negatively affected by others. For example, the same person driving the same vehicle looking to purchase the same amount of coverage will typically get a higher estimate if he or she lives in a city rather than in the country, because the likelihood of an accident (as well as the cost of repairing a vehicle) increases in urban areas. Similarly, a mature driver with excellent driving records who lives in a city may be quoted lower rates than a young driver who has already had an accident, even if that young driver lives in the country.

Average South Dakota Auto Insurance Prices

The good news for every driver in South Dakota: Auto insurance is more affordable in the Mount Rushmore State than it is just about anywhere else. Nationally, the average cost of car insurance is $795; the average cost of South Dakota auto insurance is $534 a year, putting it just behind neighboring North Dakota and Iowa for most affordable auto insurance in the country. So, even if you don’t have a perfect driving record, if you live in South Dakota, auto insurance quotes are likely to be lower than they would be somewhere else.

Lowering Your Car Insurance Premiums

No matter what state you live in, there are certain things you can do to lower the cost of auto insurance. South Dakota drivers are already getting better deals than many people nationwide, but those who have excellent driving records, are over 55 years old, have a good credit score, take a defensive driving course, install an anti-theft device, or drive a vehicle with air bags or anti-lock brakes may be eligible for additional discounts.

You can also lower the cost of your car insurance policy by increasing your deductible (the amount you pay out-of-pocket when an accident occurs) or lowering the amount of coverage in your policy. These tactics, though effective, are not always the best solutions, as they can backfire if and when an accident does occur.

Comparing South Dakota Auto Insurance Quotes

In many cases, getting multiple quotes from several different providers is the best way to reduce the cost of your auto insurance. South Dakota drivers need to be aware that different companies may view an individual’s relative riskiness very differently; one company may deem you a high-risk driver, while another might view you as only a moderate risk. What does this mean for you? Comparing the quotes from several different companies can often lead you to a cheaper price for the same amount of coverage.

With NetQuote, South Dakota auto insurance quotes are easier to compare than ever. Fill out a brief form, enter your zip code, and let NetQuote give you multiple quotes from insurance providers in your area. Once you’ve got the numbers side-by-side in an easy to compare format, identifying the lowest price for the policy you want is as fast as it is easy.

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