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Summerville Insurance Protects Homes with Southern Charm

A small town with big charm, Summerville, South Carolina, is well known for having more than 700 homes and buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. Although the owners of these historic structures are undoubtedly interested in getting the best Summerville insurance quotes for their properties, it’s just as important for owners of more modern homes to get the right deal during tough economic times.

Cut Costs with Safety Improvements

You can start your search for affordable insurance by learning about the basics of homeowner’s policies. Several factors determine the amount of premium you’ll pay, including your home’s current value, whether it’s a wood or masonry structure, and even its proximity to fire hydrants. If you’re paying off a mortgage, your lender may require certain minimum policy limits to protect its investment by covering the amount that you still owe.

The average cost of a homeowner’s policy in South Carolina is $808, but your Summerville insurance quotes may be reduced if you install wired-in smoke detectors, put in dead bolt locks or set up an alarm system. To reduce premiums dramatically–by as much as 25 percent–you can also consider boosting your deductible to $500 or even $1,000.

It’s tempting to focus only on cutting costs for your insurance, but remember to check policies that you’re considering to make sure that you have all the protections that you need. Flood insurance and coverage for sewer backups, for example, are not included in standard Summerville insurance quotes for homeowner’s policies. If you want that coverage, be prepared to pay extra.

Summerville takes its flora seriously; in 1847 it became the first city in the U.S. to pass a law against cutting trees over a certain size. Today the city boasts many beautiful public and private gardens. If you’re proud and protective of your landscaping, you may also want to be sure that trees and shrubs on your property are covered under your policy.

Begin a New Tradition

Although Summerville is a town steeped in Southern traditions, you don’t have to choose the traditional route when you’ve identified your insurance needs and are ready to search for the best Summerville insurance quotes. There is an easier way that making phone calls to ever insurance broker in town. Simply visit, fill out a single form, and you’ll receive quotes from five of the top leading insurance companies in South Carolina. It’s a fast and effective way for owners of any home — whether historic or contemporary — to get the Summerville insurance policy that best suits their situation.

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