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South Carolina Insurance Quotes

The competition between insurance companies for your business is more heated than a game between Clemson and the Gamecocks. Everyone wants your business, and they all promise to provide you the best coverage for the price. Trying to wade through all the South Carolina insurance quotes yourself can seem to take forever. Ask yourself some questions and get started. For your car, do you want the state-required minimum liability coverage, or should you purchase additional protection? Is your home adequately protected against hurricane damage? How will combining auto and home policies affect your South Carolina insurance quotes? You can compare premiums based on a number of factors, from Mount Pleasant to Myrtle Beach.

Driving in the Palmetto State

There’s so much to do in South Carolina that you may find yourself on an excursion nearly every weekend. Maybe it’s a day on the beach with the family, or a tee time with old friends. You might want to head to an outdoor festival. Whatever your pleasure, you need to find the best South Carolina insurance for your car and its passengers. South Carolina is a tort liability state, meaning the person not at fault in an accident can pursue damages against the at-fault driver. Your South Carolina auto insurance quotes will begin at the state minimum liability coverage: $25,000 per person for bodily injury coverage, $50,000 per accident, and $25,000 for personal property. Underinsured motorist coverage is not required in South Carolina, but uninsured motorist property damage coverage is. Some residents can register as uninsured motorists for a fee of $550 per year, but this only allows them to drive, and will not protect them in the event of an accident. Don’t drown in the high tide of confusion. You can find the South Carolina insurance that’s right for you by shopping around.

Weathering the Storm

Most people want their home insurance to act like the stone walls of The Citadel, but comprehensive coverage might exceed their spending limit. That’s why it pays to shop around for South Carolina home insurance quotes. Generally speaking, the contents coverage on your home equals 50% of the insurance on the dwelling. So if you insure your home for $100,000, the contents of the home will be covered for $50,000. By comparing South Carolina insurance quotes, you can add Extra Contents Coverage for a relatively small increase in your premium. This can be beneficial if a storm the size of Hurricane Hugo blows through. In coastal areas, it also makes sense to factor Guaranteed Replacement Cost Coverage into your quotes, which will include the roof of your house and protect against depreciation. And remember, even further inland, you may have to deal with floods that result from hurricane rains. Flood coverage falls under federal (FEMA) protection, and will not be included in a basic homeowners policy.

Finding Your Happy Medium

Once you’ve decided the protections you want, consider combining policies. There are a variety of ways to save money: place multiple cars on the same policy; combine your auto and home insurance; add health, business and/or life insurance to an existing policy. If you have teenage children, their auto insurance is likely to be expensive, as they fall into a high-risk category, according to insurers. But South Carolina insurance is flexible; you can look into things like good student discounts, defensive driving courses, and additional safety features for their cars. You can do the research yourself or turn it over to a convenient service like NetQuote. The right deals are out there, as long as you compare quotes.

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