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Safe Sailing in the Ocean State: Rhode Island Insurance

The bays and inlets of Rhode Island comprise approximately 30% of the state’s total area. Just about everywhere else is eligible for insurance, whether you own a home or choose to take a drive. The Ocean State may be the smallest in the country, but Rhode Island insurance is anything but simple. In fact, a search for affordable home and auto Rhode Island insurance quotes will likely turn up about as many results as the state’s 400 miles of coastline.

Security for Getting Around

For some people, the best way to experience Rhode Island is a stroll along Providence’s “Mile of History.” Others prefer to bike along the East Bay. But for most, the only practical way to get around day to day is driving. To do so, you must meet the mandatory auto insurance law: $25,000 of bodily injury coverage for injuries or death occurring to one person in an accident; $50,000 of bodily injury coverage for injuries or deaths occurring to more than one person in an accident; and $25,000 of property damage coverage per accident. If you’re pulled over without these minimum standards, you’ll likely receive a $500 fine, and possibly have your license suspended for three months. Without proper research, you may think that Rhode Island insurance quotes are determined by the Belmonts and Vanderbilts –auto insurance premiums typically cost nearly $500 more per year than the national average. Here, it’s as important as any state to shop around for the best Rhode Island auto insurance quotes.

From Clapboard to Gild

Whatever kind of house you own, deciding what kind of home insurance is best for you can be daunting. The process may even evoke the same puzzled expression you see on the faces of tourists when they encounter their first snail salad. Though there is no state law for home insurance, you may have to meet certain lender requirements. You want adequate protection for your property in the event of disaster, and enough liability to protect anyone else on your property. But what Rhode Island insurance quotes meet your needs? Consider the HO-3 Special policy, which covers your dwelling for every peril except flood, earthquake, war, nuclear accident, and others specified in your policy. Is this enough, or should you opt for the HO-3/HO-15 Comprehensive, which is essentially the same as HO-3 Special, except it also covers the contents of your dwelling? These are difficult decisions. The first step is taking a complete inventory of everything you own and placing a value. This process alone takes a great deal of time. Once you have your information handy, you may find it beneficial to compare Rhode Island insurance quotes through a convenient free service like NetQuote, where you can enter your information one time and then see all the different policies and prices available to you.

The Final Decision

It doesn’t take a degree from Brown University to realize that finding the best Rhode Island insurance quotes comes from comparison shopping for auto insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance, health insurance, and business insurance . With so many insurers trying to get your business, there are more deals than ever. Keep in mind that many factors, including your profession, level of education, credit rating, and whether you own or rent/lease your home and car all play a role in the quotes you receive. If your circumstances change, it makes sense to check the latest Rhode Island insurance quotes. The only way to truly know what’s out there is to look.

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