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How Pennsylvania Home Insurance Quotes Can Help You

From the Great Lakes to the Poconos and Pittsburgh to Philly, PA offers its residents lots of variety when it comes to surroundings. No matter what you call home, however, having the peace-of-mind that comes with the right coverage is only surpassed by the knowledge that your policy is as affordable as possible. For many people in Pennsylvania, home insurance is required by a lender, but even for those who own their homes outright, having a great policy at an affordable price is a luxury worth having.


Unfortunately, not all Pennsylvania home insurance policies are created equal; finding the best policy for your situation has many benefits, however, and the importance of taking the time to identify the provider and plan that’s best for you cannot be denied.

Special Concerns for Pennsylvania Home Insurance Policies

Unlike policies in some other areas, Pennsylvania homeowners insurance is often complicated by a few specific issues. The first is the relative age of PA houses. Though there are certainly plenty of new homes in the Keystone State, homes built a hundred years ago are hardly uncommon. These structures pose risks for insurance companies that newer homes don’t, and insuring one of these classic buildings is sometimes a tricky process and may necessitate the purchase of an HO-8 policy, designed specifically for older structures, rather than an HO-1, 2, 3, or 5 policy.

As is the case nationwide, Pennsylvania home insurance doesn’t cover flood damage, and while PA’s numerous rivers, streams, and creeks might make for beautiful scenery and excellent recreation possibilities, the number of PA homes in a flood plain is significant to say the least. Any Pennsylvania homeowner living in or near a flood plain should seriously consider supplemental flood insurance, available exclusively from the federally regulated National Flood Insurance Program.

PA Home Insurance Averages

When look at the national average for HO-3 policies (the most commonly chosen coverage in the country), Pennsylvania home insurance is quite a bargain. While folks nationwide pay an average of $804 a year for this kind of coverage, Pennsylvanians average a very attractive $643. This average is definitely a good thing, but as it says very little about individual situations, identifying the most affordable rate for your policy requires a little more digging.

What Pennsylvania Home Insurance Quotes Tell You

No matter what kind of homeowners insurance you need, getting multiple quotes before you purchase a policy (and periodically after you have a policy in place) is one of the most effective ways to make sure your coverage isn’t costing you more than it should. Pennsylvania home insurance quotes are excellent tools for determining which companies are charging the most affordable rates for the type of coverage you want and, ultimately, for saving you money.

Using netQuote for Pennsylvania Home Insurance Quotes

Though the process of calling or meeting with several different insurance agents used to make finding the best coverage for the most affordable price a huge hassle, with NetQuote, finding home insurance quotes is as easy as it is convenient. Simply fill out a brief form, type in your zip code, and let netQuote match you with multiple quotes from several local companies. Once you’ve got the numbers in front of you, identifying the best deal (and saving the most money on your policy) is a whole lot easier.

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