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How to Find a Pennsylvania Health Insurance Quote

Finding an affordable Pennsylvania health insurance quote is not an easy or stress-free task, but it’s not nearly as impossible as many people believe. As online referral services, like NetQuote, continue to reduce overhead costs, health care reform begins to provide valuable tax credits, and health insurance companies pivot to a customer base that’s becoming more reliant on individual health insurance, finding affordable health insurance in Pennsylvania is becoming more accessible to more people, despite overall health care costs that continue to spiral upward.


Pennsylvania Health Insurance and the Economy

Although Pennsylvania had a comparatively low percentage of uninsured residents (9.8% vs. 15.4% nationally) in 2008 according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the state also relies more heavily than most on employer-based health insurance. Thus, the recent and ongoing economic hardships also stand to hurt the Keystone State more than most. And, despite a slightly lower unemployment rate than the national average, more than 1 in 4 unemployed persons have been out of work for more than six months, according to the Keystone Research Center.

Indeed, long-term unemployment is a huge problem for Pennsylvania health insurance coverage as unemployment benefits, employer-based coverage, and COBRA extensions begin to run out. Worse yet, many of the manufacturing jobs in Pennsylvania may not becoming back, and new economic realities may create new jobs for Pennsylvania residents, but it’s unclear whether these new positions will include similar health benefits currently enjoyed by much of the manufacturing industry.

Pennsylvania Health Insurance and Health Status

No matter what state you live in health insurance is important, but it’s arguably even more important to have health insurance in Pennsylvania where unique health risk factors are present. Pittsburgh perennially ranks in the top 5 worst cities for air quality. In fact, an award-winning report by investigative reporter, Jim Parsons, demonstrated a link in Pennsylvania communities between the incidence of heart and lung disease and major, local sources of pollution. Moreover, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Pennsylvania also ranks in the top 10 worst states for cancer rates. Thus, Pennsylvania health insurance is mandatory for anyone living in the state who wants access to health care services and personal financial protection for potentially costly medical conditions.

Pennsylvania Health Care Costs

Between the comparatively low rate of uninsured and the high health risks inherent to the state, it’s not surprisingly that the state also has among the highest health care costs per capita of any state and 12% higher than the national average. Plus, these costs are likely to stay high as health care inflation in Pennsylvania matches the national rate of 5.5% per year. Fortunately, for many in the state, their employers actually help make up the difference by chipping in more toward health insurance premiums, although, again, there are few guarantees this trend will continue. Meanwhile, on the individual market, persistence and creativity are often necessary in obtaining affordable health insurance in Pennsylvania. Managed care plans are one such option, as Pennsylvania has one of the highest HMO penetration rates in the country, which means you should have less trouble finding health care services that are covered by your provider. And, for many state residents, it’s about to get a lot easier to find coverage as health care reform will guarantee access to health insurance on the individual market.

Finding an Affordable Pennsylvania Health Insurance Quote

An affordable Pennsylvania health insurance quote frequently means different things to different people. For a young, healthy resident, affordable health insurance is likely to mean a high-deductible plan, possibly in conjunction with a health savings account. For someone who’s been burned with exorbitant out-of-pocket costs and/or has ongoing health care needs, affordable health insurance requires finding a plan with adequate coverage limits and health benefits. But regardless of your situation, you need to get Pennsylvania insurance quotes from several different companies: By taking a minute to fill out a simple online form, you’ll be matched to health insurance companies that provide coverage in your area. Plus, these companies will take the initiative to contact you, allowing you to spend more time looking at the details of the health plans themselves, while sizing up your options from the comfort of your own home.

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