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What You Should Know About Oregon Home Insurance Quotes

From Portland to Grants Pass and Eugene to Baker City, Oregon offers homeowners plenty of variety in scenery, terrain, and culture. However, no matter where you live in Oregon, home insurance is a topic worth careful consideration. As is the case just about anywhere, if you own your home outright in Oregon, home insurance is not required by law. Just because you aren’t necessarily required to have insurance, though, doesn’t mean that it can’t be of great benefit to you, your property, and your peace-of-mind, especially if an incident occurs.


Why Oregon Home Insurance Quotes Are Important

Whether you are required to have a policy by your lender or you simply like the safety and security a homeowners policy offers, one thing you don’t want to do is pay too much for your coverage. For folks in Oregon, home insurance quotes are not just easy to get, they are a valuable tool for those who want to be protected at a reasonable price.

Why are quotes so valuable? For starters, anyone buying their first homeowners policy who gets multiple quotes will have a better idea of how much their home will cost to insure, making the decision to go with one provider over another more informed. Those who have had a policy for years can also benefit by seeing what other companies are charging, putting their existing policy into better perspective.

Average Oregon Home Insurance Premiums

The most common homeowners insurance policy in the country is the HO-3 policy. In Oregon, home insurance premiums for this policy average $502 a year, significantly lower than the national average of $804. There are several reasons why Oregon homeowners insurance is more affordable than policies in other areas of the country, and Beaver State residents who are not keeping a close eye on the quotes other companies are offering may be missing out on more significant savings than homeowners in other states.

Lowering Oregon Home Insurance Rates

The amount of risk your provider sees in your policy and the amount of profit your provider estimates they can get from your policy both play a role in how much your particular premiums will be. While some folks decide to reduce their level of coverage or increase their deductible to save a few bucks, installing fire safety equipment and burglar alarms, using wear and damage resistant building materials, and increasing your credit rating are all excellent options that will lower your risk factors without putting you in a sticky situation if and when you need your policy to pay off.

The other option for lowering Oregon home insurance premiums is going with a different provider. Some insurance companies have more profit built into their policies; others may view your particular situation as less risky and offer lower rates. This is why getting multiple quotes is such a good idea.

Using NetQuote for Oregon Home Insurance Quotes

NetQuote makes getting multiple home insurance quotes easy. Fill out a brief form and let NetQuote match you with quotes from multiple local insurance providers. From the comfort of your living room, you’ll have all the advantages that come with knowing the competition, and be well on your way to an informed decision about which company you should be with.

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