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How to Get Affordable Oregon Health Insurance Quote

If you’re like most people who don’t have health coverage through an employer, you probably think affordable health insurance is out of your reach. True, it’s not cheap, but it’s often not as expensive as you fear, and going without coverage is a personal disaster waiting to happen. You probably also know that the cost of health care and health insurance in Oregon is rising at a breakneck pace, but you may not realize that the path to finding affordable Oregon health insurance is also paved with new tools and resources. Whether you’re buying health insurance for the first time or looking for a cheaper plan that better meets your current health care and budgetary needs, here are some of the key factors to know when shopping for Oregon health insurance.


Oregon Health Insurance Demographics

It’s worth taking a brief look at the breakdown of coverage for health insurance in Oregon. Interestingly, there are a greater percentage of uninsured residents in the state than there are nationwide –not because the state has poor health insurance standards or laws but, rather, because it has a fairly unique demographic profile. A relatively young and affluent populace means that fewer residents receive health insurance through Medicare and Medicaid. In fact, despite the higher overall number of uninsured residents, the state actually outperforms the rest of the nation when it comes to access to employer-based and individual health plans. Thus, if you are among the ranks of the uninsured, there are affordable health insurance options out there for you.

Finding an Affordable Health Insurance Quote in a Tough Economy

With a lengthy period of double-digit unemployment, many state residents are at risk of losing their health coverage or struggling to keep up with their premiums. You have only a ten-day grace period for premiums before your health insurance policy can be cancelled by a health insurance company in Oregon. If you’ve lost your job and your employer is still in business, you can enroll in the COBRA health program, though these premiums can get expensive quickly. If you have a preexisting medical condition, another option is to seek a new, lower-cost health plan with the same insurance company. In Oregon, so long as you apply within 63 days of losing your employer-based coverage, this insurance company must offer coverage for this condition. If you have other questions that specifically relate to health insurance in a tough economy, you can use this link for tips from the Oregon Insurance Division.

Oregon Health Insurance Coverage and Guarantees

If you’re struggling financially, you might consider an HMO plan. Despite the poor reputation of these managed care programs, Oregon has one of the higher penetration rates for HMO plans, which means a fair degree of health care access for less money. Unfortunately, choosing a health insurance policy frequently involves trying to balance premium costs with deductibles and potential out-of-pocket costs. This creates the proverbial rock and a hard place, but the most cost-effective Oregon health plans are rarely a race to the bottom for minimal coverage. It’s also worth noting that, while the state doesn’t guarantee access to health insurance on the private market, it has established a high-risk pool, called Oregon Medical Insurance Pool (OMIP), for residents who have a preexisting medical condition.

Finding an Affordable Oregon Health Insurance Quote Online

Finding an affordable Oregon health insurance quote is a process that takes every trick in the bag. One of the newest and least appreciated tools is to shop online for your Oregon health insurance quote. Due to lower overhead costs, many health insurance companies offer discounted premiums to consumers who are willing to shop online. And, assuming you use a reliable referral service, like NetQuote, you won’t have to worry about running into an unlicensed company trying to scam you with false claims and health coverage. In fact, take just a minute to submit an online request, and we’ll connect you with the health insurance companies that best fit your health insurance needs. With eleven companies that offer health plans on the individual market, you’ll still have plenty of competition to choose from. Better yet, by shopping online, you’ll reserve more time to review the critical details of different policies offered by various health insurance agents who respond to your request.

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