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The Protective Dam: Oregon Business Insurance

Are you in the timber business? Do you run a small craft brewery in Portland? Or are you responsible for all the athletic equipment at the University of Oregon? Oregon business insurance is a multi-faceted beast. But whatever your output or business model, you have certain responsibilities, including protection of your property and against liability. In the Beaver State, you can understand the philosophy behind a good dam against threats to your business. And Oregon business insurance quotes reveal the best defense for the lowest cost.

Wine and Business Insurance

Some travel to Napa or Sonoma Valley, some swear by France or Italy, but many oenophiles the world over swear by a Pinot Noir from Oregon. Or at least they do when the product meets their high expectations. When it doesn’t-well, that’s when you need insurance. Liability in the wine industry crops up in several ways. Retailers expect a certain level of product. So do consumers. If your wine is spoiled, either of these clients may claim damages-to the retailer’s business, or to the consumer’s health. Customers might drink at your winery and have too much. Any sickness or accidents that results may work its way back to you in the form of a lawsuit. In any business sector, liability risks extend to however your business touches the public. Make a point to shop for Oregon business insurance quotes to protect your interests.

The Vineyard and Beyond

Nothing will destroy a winemaker faster than losing an entire crop. Simply stated, you must find the appropriate insurance to protect your land and its yield. How do you go about it? Well, speaking broadly, property policies protect against weather events and fires. To determine the correct value, you may need to search for insurers who specialize in your industry, or at least in agricultural policies. If you bottle yourself, you can take the same track as most businesses: use the market value of the equipment you use as your starting point for Oregon business insurance quotes. The risks of your industry will partially determine your costs, but you can save by comparing quotes.


Just outside of Beaverton, Nike, Inc. makes its home. Such a corporate giant can afford all the property and liability protection it needs, but what else matters to them? Workers’ compensation is mandated by Oregon law, so Nike has to purchase a policy just like you do. And in order to stay at the top of the athletic apparel sector, it will want the best health insurance policy. Why would an executive leave for Adidas? Better benefits could be a reason. You don’t necessarily need the very best health insurance for your employees, but you should shop for Oregon business insurance quotes that might strike the right balance between coverage and cost. By adding health insurance or workers’ compensation to your other policies, you can save on all of them.

Let Someone Else Do the Math

A mail order company in Medford and a graphics company in Wilsonville can save a lot of money on business insurance in exactly the same way: shop for quotes. Better yet, let someone else shop for you. will find Oregon business quotes for you, allowing you to go with the lowest premium. It makes sense in any industry.

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