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The 918 Guarantee: Tulsa Insurance

The national media has lauded the quality of life in Tulsa in recent years; everyone from Forbes, Relocate America, and Partners for Livable Communities have named Tulsa one of the country’s most livable large cities. Those who’ve spent years in Green Country, at the foothills of the Ozarks, already knew the natural beauty of their home. And then there are the unique Tulsan interests, from Western Swing music to tastes that gave birth to the abundance of art deco buildings. Another thing that’s particular to The 918 is Tulsa insurance quotes. When you look for a home, auto, health or life insurance policy, you need to understand exactly how each works within your city. Tulsa insurance is a safeguard in your imminently livable hometown, ensuring that your life always feel full of accolades.

Beware the Alley

There’s a reason for the name Tornado Alley: when a particularly strong tornado rolls through, a building standing in the way might as well be a bowling pin. It pays to be prepared in Tulsa, and not just in the spring in summer. Although winter tornadoes are unusual, they hit the city in December of 1975 and 1982. And this, after all, is exactly the point of Oklahoma home insurance: expecting the unexpected. To know how much coverage you have for wind damage, review your policy. When such strong storms are possible, you should strongly consider covering your home’s contents at or near their full value. By comparing enough Tulsa insurance quotes, that won’t be too expensive.

And the Floods

Another unfortunate effect of tornadoes is flooding-though floods are always possible in Tulsa, regardless of wind strength. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has recognized Tulsa for its impressive flood management. This may actually be beneficial to your Tulsa insurance quotes, as flood policies are usually under FEMA jurisdiction. This means you’ll need a federal policy in addition to your home insurance policy. While you decide, don’t forget about the 1984 storm that hit Tulsa with 15 inches of rain in a single night, damaging some 7,000 buildings and causing approximately $180 million of damage.

Driving on Route 66

When you live in the birthplace of Route 66, it’s only natural that you would take a drive along that road from time to time, so you should find a good car insurance policy. Some things are pretty constant in terms of how they affect your Tulsa insurance quotes. These include credit history and driving history; the better your record for either, the lower your Oklahoma auto insurance quotes. Then there’s financial responsibility, which looks good to car insurance providers. Take the example of a 41-year-old Tulsa man who drives his 2004 GMC Yukon about 20 miles a day between home and work. If he opts for the minimum insurance, his premium will be about $1,500 per year. But if this is for a financed car, what would his Tulsa insurance quotes look like if he had already paid off the Yukon? The average is closer to $780-or nearly half as much.

Use Prudence

That same man could save hundreds more on his Tulsa insurance quotes by asking for an umbrella policy that includes his car and home insurance-and maybe life or health policies, too. The important thing is to compare as many Oklahoma insurance quotes as he can find. Whether he does so himself or turns to a free service like, he won’t know how each insurer rates him, and what discounts each is willing to offer, until he looks around. Acting sensibly is just part of being a responsible Tulsan, after all.

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