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A Looking Glass to Toledo Insurance

Your insurance rates rely on you as much as The Glass City weather depends on Lake Erie. Your age, location and lifestyle all have an effect on your Toledo insurance quotes. Understanding how your Toledo insurance agent determines your rates can be an eye-opening experience. Here are a few facts to assist you in finding the most affordable coverage.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance policies are designed to protect the structure of your home, your personal property, legal expenses, and temporary living expenses in times of peril. The most commonly purchased homeowners insurance policy is an HO-3 which protects your home if it is damaged or destroyed by things like fire, hail, theft, vandalism, or smoke, but it will not cover the cost of damage done by earthquakes and floods. If you live in a flood plain, you may want to purchase additional flood insurance from the government. Fortunately, given the state’s history of activity, an earthquake in Toledo wouldn’t even crack glass. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners reported the average HO-3 premium was $530 in 2006, which was well below the nationwide average of $804. Whether this is because of Ohio‘s general lack of natural disasters or because of the average home values, it’s comforting to your Toledo insurance quotes are unlikely to drown you.

Auto 101

Carrying only the minimum liability auto insurance can be a risky endeavor when you live in a big city. Even though Ohioans are only required to purchase liability insurance in the amounts of $12,500 for bodily injury or death of one person in any one accident, $25,000 for bodily injury or death to two or more individuals in any one accident, and $7,500 for property damage in any one accident, driving on congested streets can raise your Toledo insurance quotes seeing as heavy traffic summons car accidents. Vandalism and theft are more prevalent in big cities, which will also increase your Toledo insurance rates. According to the FBI Crime in the United States report there were 1,477 motor vehicle thefts in Toledo in 2008. It would do you good to look into collision and comprehensive coverage by gathering multiple Toledo insurance quotes. If you have comprehensive coverage, your Toledo insurance company will foot the bill if your car is the victim of vandalism or theft.

A Helping Tool

Now that you have the facts you can assess your needs and wants in Toledo insurance coverage. By using a free service like NetQuote you can ease the burden of locating Toledo insurance quotes on your own. By filling out a quick and easy form on, you can have multiple quotes from competing companies sent straight to your computer.

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