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Parma Insurance 101

Living in the Buckeye State there are more insurance options then there are Pierogi fillings. And when shopping for insurance quotes in Parma, you should put more thought into your insurance coverage than deciding whether to fill your dumpling with cheddar cheese or peaches. We’re talking some potentially big money here, and we all know the Cleveland area has been hit particularly hard during the recession. If you can save dough on the front end, you’ll have more on the back end for Cavs tickets. So how are you going to do this? By getting a little knowledge and using that knowledge when you comparison shop.

Driving and the Law

Despite the fact that Ohio insurance rates increased in 2008, they still remain some of the lowest in the country. Auto insurance went up by less than 1%. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average Ohio auto expenditure for 2007 was $628.

Ohio law requires the following minimum auto coverage:

  • $12,500 for bodily injury to or death of one individual in any one accident.
  • $25,000 for bodily injury to or death of two or more individuals in any one accident.
  • $7,500 for injury to the property of others in any one accident.

Driving: What Affects My Parma Insurance Quotes?

The type of vehicle you drive affects your premium. Sports cars, SUVs and cars that are more likely to be stolen will increase your premiums. In 2008, for example, the most stolen car in Ohio was a 2000 Dodge Caravan. To lower your premium consider driving a vehicle with airbags, an anti-theft system (alarm and GPS), and anti-lock brakes. Park it in a garage at night if you can. And if you own the car and its value is low, look at higher deductibles.

Ohio Weather: It Could Be Worse

The good thing about home owner’s insurance in the Parma area is that home prices are low relative to the rest of the country. While Parma can get some nasty winters, the low prices are mainly because few natural disasters affect the area, and this translates to lower premiums. According to a 2007 study, the average homeowner’s expenditure for Ohio was $540. Other things that affect your Parma insurance quotes are type of construction (frame vs. brick), the home’s age, proximity to a fire department or hydrant, and your deductable. Find out what the flooding potential for your address would be at This is coverage on top of the standard policies issued in Ohio.

Shopping Parma Insurance

When shopping for Parma insurance quotes consider ways to get the best possible quote to match your individual needs. Reassess your home’s value. The Cleveland/Parma area has been particularly hard hit by the economic recession. The market went crazy for a while and your home’s insured value could be incorrectly priced based on an old market value. Knowing your home’s current value could considerably affect your Parma insurance quotes. If you nothing else, do some comparison shopping with NetQuote. You’ll save time and money when you have NetQuote searching their vast database, finding the best prices for you. Now put down that Pierogi and let’s get started!

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