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Shedding Daylight on Dayton Insurance Quotes

Whether you work on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base or you are an executive at Premier Health Partners, you recognize that Dayton, Ohio is one of America’s most important logistical hubs for both business and military affairs. But if you are looking for Dayton insurance, you may find the process overwhelming, even if you work at the Kettring Health Network or teach economic policy at Wright State University. What you need is a quick and easy system to compare Dayton insurance options from different insurers side by side. NetQuote can help you. But before we delve into the cool, unique features of our service, let’s explore two areas of insurance in more depth: auto and home.

Traversing Dayton Insurance Options for Auto and Truck Owners

Dayton is one of the birth places of aviation (the Wright Brothers invented powered flight here). But most normal citizens do not fly planes around everywhere they go. They drive autos and trucks. Ohio law (as of February 2010) stipulates that drivers must carry both bodily injury and property damage liability coverage. Bodily injury coverage must be $25,000 per accident and $12,500 per person. Property damage must be $7,500. According to 2007 numbers put together by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Ohioans paid $628 on average for their auto insurance policies (more than $160 less than the average US premium of $795). The numbers break down even further: $365 for liability, $241 for collision, and just $99 for comprehensive. To get your rates down even more, choose a higher deductible option, take a defensive drivers course, and see whether you can get a good driver or a good student discount. If your daily commute is relatively short –for instance, if all you do is drive back and forth to the Air Force Research Laboratory –you may qualify for a low mileage discount as well. If you have a really old car, consider foregoing collision or comprehensive coverage to bring your insurance down even further.

Strategically Evaluating Quotes for Homeowners and Renters

Have you just moved to town to work for Cargill? Are you living near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base? Your home’s location, safety record, and exposure to local volatile weather (e.g. thunderstorms, blizzards, floods and tornadoes) can powerfully impact your Dayton insurance quotes. In 2007, the average OH homeowner paid $540 for a typical HO-3 homeowner policy (much lower than the average U.S. premium of $822). Dayton is a relatively safe and pro-business community, so chances are that you might get even lower rates, particularly if you live near the air force base. Of course, insurance companies will look at multiple factors to come up with quotes for you, so any steps you can take to make your home seem less risky can benefit you. For instance, improve your credit score, opt for a higher deductible, pay off more of your mortgage, and eliminate risky toys, such as a trampoline or an unguarded pool. Install weather-proofing, smoke alarms, a sprinkler system, and a burglar alarm. The degree to which these improvements can impact your rates will depend on a host of highly specific factors, but these tactics generally work for most Dayton insurance shoppers.

Shop Day and Night for Dayton Insurance Quotes

Whether you seek auto, home, or any other kind of coverage, get quality quotes through NetQuote. Our service is free, easy to use, and simple. Fill out one questionnaire and get 5 or more quotes from respected insurance companies. Look at these quotes side by side to make smart decisions about your coverage. Use these quotes to get insurance now or to refine your search parameters further. Remember: in the insurance game, information is power. Trust NetQuote to help you fly straight (like the Wright Brothers).

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