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The Best in Midwest: Columbus Insurance

In the Arch City, you may think some of the more difficult decisions are graded on a curve. How much money can a driver save on car insurance if she takes the Central Ohio Transit Authority to work? What effect will upgrading your roof and internal wiring have on your home insurance rates? The answers are actually much more direct: find as many Columbus insurance quotes as you can. Figure out what coverage you want, and the right deal is out there. If the perils that threaten your family and possessions are wolverines, Columbus insurance is the buckeye.

Danger Always Lurks

You can’t be blamed if you read the press clippings and feel pretty safe at home. After all, Columbus hospitals are among the very best in the country: according to U.S. News and World Report, Grant Medical Center and Riverside Methodist are both on the short list of the United States’ best hospitals. And the Nationwide Children’s Hospital is ranked in the top 10 of NIH-supported centers, making it one of America’s top children’s hospitals. But it’s not just good health insurance you need. The right Ohio home insurance policy protects your dwelling, your possessions, and provides for medical costs and liability. For a 2,000 square foot home in Columbus, you’ll need an average of $176,000 in dwelling coverage. This gives you about $88,000 in contents coverage. Once you take a look at Columbus insurance quotes, you may find that greater protection for possessions and medical expenses is worthwhile. The average resident spends about $536 on an annual premium. If you expect danger, and protect your home against threats like fire and crime, you can knock 20% or more off that cost.

Harsh Conditions

From the spring through the fall, tornadoes are always a threat. This is just a fact of life in the Midwest. You’ll want to thoroughly review your policy to see how much coverage you have against wind damage. In particular, weigh the value of your possessions against the amount you’d be compensated for their loss. For full coverage, you may want to review Columbus insurance quotes that provide full replacement value. Such a policy is more expensive, but if you meet certain criteria-great credit history, consistent insurance-you can often find the price you want.

Ohio Driving Laws

It’s been decades since Columbus was known as the Buggy Capital of the World. Streets are now teeming with drivers-many of them young, since the University includes approximately 60,000 students. But this is just one reason to purchase an Ohio auto insurance policy. The other? It’s a state law. Ohio law requires every driver to have minimum bodily injury liability-$12,500 per injured person, $25,000 per accident-and $7,500 property damage liability. Once you determine your comfortable range on Columbus insurance quotes, see how much more it costs to add coverage for uninsured and underinsured drivers as well. You’ll feel a lot more secure when you make the Sunday drive to Cleveland or Cincinnati for a game.

One Policy for All

Insurers commonly give discounts for clients who place more than one driver on the same car insurance policy. You might find, for example, that adding your spouse results in Columbus insurance quotes that are hundreds of dollars lower. But for this tactic to truly work, the additional drivers must also be safe bets for the insurer. Teenagers, for example, are already in a high-risk bracket. For example, a 45-year-old mother who drives a 2008 Lincoln Navigator to work every day will pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $940 a year. Adding her 17-year-old son to the policy may double her cost, but if he also gets a ticket for running a stop sign, the annual premium will go up by another $600 or more. These are just a few of the considerations you need to make when you look for the right policies. If you turn to a service like, you can determine the many ways to save easily on your Ohio insurance quote and without any cost to you. You’re certain to save much more than just time.

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