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What You Should Know About North Dakota Insurance Quotes

When compared to those of other states, North Dakota insurance quotes are well below average. For homeowners insurance, the average North Dakotan pays $742 for the most common policy, while the national average cost for the same policy is $804. The Peace Garden State’s stats for auto insurance is even more impressive: With people across the country paying an average of $795 for auto insurance, North Dakota’s average of $512 is extremely affordable.

While this is certainly good news for anyone looking to purchase a new policy or switch to a different insurance provider, it is certainly no guarantee that your new premium will be as low as possible. Understanding what goes into determining North Dakota insurance quotes for auto insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance, and business insurance, is a good idea for anyone looking to get the best deal on his or her coverage. Here are a few general facts about insurance, and a few pointers that could save you hundreds on your next policy.

Why North Dakota Insurance Is So Affordable

When an insurance provider gives out a quote, there are several factors that are taken into consideration to determine the likely premiums for an individual. Nearly all of these factors have to do with risk. The higher the likelihood of the provider paying out gets, the higher the quote becomes. In North Dakota, insurance quotes are pretty low across the board; could this be because nationwide insurance providers view North Dakotans as less risky than folks in other states? The short answer is: Yes.

The Roughrider State has several things going for it when it comes to insurance quotes. North Dakota is one of the least densely populated states in the nation, and since repair bills are higher in densely populated areas, it actually costs insurance companies less to fix damage to vehicles and property in North Dakota. Insurance quotes are also higher in areas where crime and vandalism are high; with some of the most peaceful expanses of land in the country, the 701 area code presents very low risk to person and property from crime.

Keeping North Dakota Insurance Quotes Low

There are several things you can do to keep the quotes you get (as well as the eventual premiums you are charged) low, and each, in one way or another, shows the insurance companies that you are a low-risk person to insure. To get lower auto insurance quotes, North Dakota drivers can voluntarily take a defensive driving course, remain accident-free for three years straight, or install an anti-theft device in your vehicle. Some North Dakota insurance providers will also give discounts to students with good grades and lower premiums for those over 55 and those with excellent credit scores.

Residents looking to reduce the cost of homeowners insurance or get the lowest rates and quotes possible can install safety equipment like window bars or fire and burglar alarms; discounts on homeowners insurance are also given to newly constructed homes, homeowners who have not made any claims on their policy, and those who have multiple policies with the same provider (for example, getting homeowners insurance and car insurance from the same company will often get you a discount on one or both of the policies).

The Easy Way to Get Multiple North Dakota Insurance Quotes

One of the best things you can do as a driver or homeowner: Get multiple quotes before you purchase a policy. The more quotes you get before you buy, the better your chances are of finding adequate coverage at a great price. NetQuote can help you do this. Fill out a brief form and you’ll have quotes from multiple providers in your area. Once they are in front of you, side-by-side, seeing which policy provides the best coverage for the lowest amount is a snap. Remember: North Dakota insurance quotes are some of the most affordable in the nation. If you don’t know what the competition is offering, however, you’ll never know if you’re paying hundreds more than you have to.

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