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Protect the Capital: Raleigh Insurance

Some outsiders may know Raleigh only as one corner of the Research Triangle. Others may recognize the stately trees that led to the nickname City of Oaks. Few probably realize that Raleigh was created expressly to be the state capital. From the beginning, your city was intended to lead. Raleigh insurance is exactly like this combination of careful groundwork and longevity. Cover yourself on the road, at home, and for any danger that might befall you. But before you do, carefully review the options. If you familiarize yourself with plenty of Raleigh insurance quotes, you’ll lay the right groundwork for a long and prosperous life.

Your Raleigh Home

In Raleigh, your North Carolina home insurance options are designated as levels from A to F. Coverage A will protect your dwelling and attached structures, as well as fixtures like plumbing and heating. Coverage B will protect structures not attached to the dwelling, while Coverage C is used for the belongings within your home. Coverage D is for loss of use, which essentially means living expenses should you need them. Coverages E and F cover personal liability and medical payments to others, respectively.

Home Insurance Costs

These are determined, in part, by how much of the aforementioned coverages you want. The most basic policy provides dwelling coverage as determined by a current appraisal, plus Coverage B of 10% of Coverage A; Coverage C of 50% of Coverage A; Coverage D of 20% of Coverage A; Coverage E at a minimum of $100,000; and Coverage F at a minimum of $1,000. If you want more of any of these coverages, your Raleigh insurance quotes will be higher, but you’ll be more protected. For antiques, you may want to ramp up Coverage C higher than 50%. Other things that determine your costs will include your credit score, distance from the nearest fire department, and size of your home. You can’t control all of these, but if circumstances like credit score improve, you should look around for a better premium.

North Carolina Car Insurance Laws

State law rules on the roads of Raleigh. And unlike many states, the minimum requirements for North Carolina car insurance are pretty comprehensive:

  • $30,000 per injured person in bodily injury coverage
  • $60,000 per accident in bodily injury coverage
  • $25,000 in property damage coverage
  • $30,000 per person in uninsured driver coverage
  • $60,000 per accident in uninsured driver coverage
  • $25,000 in property damage coverage for uninsured drivers

Obviously, that’s a lot of coverage to include on a search for even the most basic Raleigh insurance quotes. And many residents opt for more protection that this. However, careful comparisons of car insurance offers will help you find a premium you can afford.

Save in Other Ways

Car insurance isn’t merely the law in Raleigh. It’s also one way insurers calculate your premiums. If you’ve been insured continuously, your Raleigh insurance quotes will be more to your liking. Any lapse of insurance will probably add $200 or more to your next premium. Getting citations also adds money in a hurry. But you can still save if you look for discounts in other ways. One of these is to add other drivers to your policy. A newly married 31-year-old man in Raleigh may be accustomed to his own policy. For the state minimum for his 2003 Volkswagen Jetta, he pays around $857 annually. By adding his new wife’s 2007 Mazda RX8, he can save himself $120 or more.

The Combo

A similar tactic works by combining policies. If you place your home and car insurance on a single policy, you may discover that you save a total of $500 or more every year on North Carolina insurance. See who’s willing to make you the best offer. A service like won’t cost you anything, and it allows you to enter your information one time and still compare all the current Raleigh insurance quotes. The only better research in your neck of the woods might be at The Triangle.

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