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Understanding North Carolina Auto Insurance Quotes

When it comes to auto insurance quotes, North Carolina is the state to be in. Though some might argue that states like New Hampshire (where you technically don’t need to carry even liability insurance) have the right idea, North Carolina auto insurance is affordable enough to make any New Englander a bit jealous! Of course, the availability of reasonable policies at great prices means nothing if you are with the wrong company or choose the wrong plan. Since having a good understanding of North Carolina auto insurance quotes is the key to comparing one policy to another, here are a few facts (and a little advice) that will put you on the path to the best plan at the most affordable price.

Why North Carolina Auto Insurance Is So Cheap

With the lowest rates on the east coast, and the 8th lowest rates in the nation, the affordability of N.C. auto insurance is a little suspicious at first. However, when you take into account the relatively low population density across the Tar Heel state and consider the fact that until recently North Carolina’s rural population was higher than its urban population, the low rates begin to make sense. Insurance providers do their best to gauge each individual policy holder’s potential risk; and since risk to a vehicle tends to be significantly lower in rural areas and places where population density is low, it’s easier to understand how even large, national insurance providers are able to offer such bargains here.

Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes

Just because North Carolina auto insurance quotes are more affordable than those in almost every other state doesn’t mean that you should assume you’re already getting a great deal. The only way to tell if your policy gives you competitive coverage for a competitive price is to compare your rates with quotes from other companies. When examining auto insurance quotes, North Carolina drivers need to look at three main factors: The cost per year, the deductible, and the amount of coverage the policy provides. Looking at just the yearly cost without examining these other factors tells you very little, as every insurance provider can reduce the yearly cost of a policy by increasing the deductible or decreasing the amount of coverage.


Reducing the Cost of North Carolina Auto Insurance Premiums

It’s not just insurance companies who can lower your premiums; if you want to lower what you pay each month or each year, you can request a higher deductible or even, in some cases, a lesser amount of coverage. Though these are both very effective ways to cut your monthly bills, you might be sorry you did either if you get into an accident.

There are, of course, better ways to reduce insurance costs in North Carolina. Auto insurance quotes are based on how much you are likely to cost your provider over the life of the policy; if you make adjustments to your vehicle, your living situation, or your lifestyle that make you appear less of a risk, your premiums can be reduced. Raising your credit score, keeping a clean driving record for 3 years (or even better, for 5 years), or moving to a lower-risk location can each lower your insurance premiums. Some North Carolina auto insurance providers will also give you a discount of you use their company for other insurance policies, like homeowners or renters insurance. You may even get a discount for insuring more than one vehicle with the same company.

Using NetQuote to Find North Carolina Auto Insurance Quotes

The average cost of North Carolina auto insurance is $591 a year, but individual policies can vary dramatically from situation to situation and company to company. Here’s where NetQuote can help. Simply type in your zip code and fill out a brief form, and NetQuote can supply you with multiple auto insurance quotes from companies in your area. This convenient, side-by-side comparison will make it easy to see who is offering the best deals and how much you could potentially save by switching companies. Because getting North Carolina auto insurance quotes is free and the potential savings are substantial, a few minutes with NetQuote could mean hundreds of dollars in savings for you and your family.

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