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Serious Savings on Syracuse Insurance Quotes

Whether you are a volunteer plow truck driver, an obsessive fan of the Orangemen, or an engineer developing a construction project along the Erie Canal, you require accurate Syracuse insurance quotes to mitigate against the risks of life and business in upstate New York. From torrential lake effect snows to DUI drivers on I-81 and I-90, Syracuse residents must be on guard to protect themselves, their property, and their pocket books.

But shopping around for Syracuse insurance quotes can at times make you feel like you are a little lost kid on Marshall Street during a busy weekend – confused, frustrated, and afraid that you will make decisions that will just make your problems worse. And thus, most policy shoppers get paralyzed and either delay shopping or rush into inappropriate policies. This article can guide you to a smarter way to address Syracuse insurance needs, introduce you to some key cost saving ideas, and show you an easy way to collect quotes from top insurers to compare.

Auto, Homeowners, and Health Stats and Tips
Auto insurance – whether you are a stay-at-home mom living near Clintons Square who barely drives 50 miles a week or an entrepreneur with a business in Inner Harbor who commutes thousands of miles a month, consider that Syracuse insurance is not cheap, by any measure. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), as of 2007, New York had the fourth highest average auto insurance rate in the nation – a stupendous $1,047. (To compare, the US average was $795). New Yorkers paid $692 for liability, $330 for collision, and $157 for comprehensive.

How can you chip this down? First of all, remember an average is just an average. You may pay less, depending on your credit score, whether you insure your home and auto with the same company, and whether you’ve maintained a clean driving record. Consider putting in safety features (such as daytime running headlights and antilock brakes), taking a defensive drivers course, and paying off your auto policy in one lump sum every year (as opposed to monthly payments). Over the long-term, get that credit score up, and avoid traffic citations and accidents.

Homeowners insurance – for HO-3 policy packages (the most common type), New Yorkers paid $936 in 2007, according to the NAIC — $114 more than what the average US homeowner paid ($822). One salient factor for Syracuse homeowners, obviously, is weather protection. Can your home withstand the potentially devastating effects of the lake effect snows? Storm-proof your windows and goose up your heating and plumbing systems to impress insurers and qualify for lower rates. You could also install a burglar alarm, deadbolt locks, smoke detector and sprinkler system for savings of around 5%.

Health insurance – health insurance is certainly something that you don’t want to skimp on. You must protect yourself financially against costs associated with catastrophic illnesses or injuries. At the same time, you can shave down costs by opting for a higher deductible. If you are young and healthy, keep yourself that way (healthy, at least) by quitting smoking, eating less sugar, avoiding stress, and getting enough sleep at night.

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Whether you want to upgrade your auto coverage or buy a full slate of policies, NetQuote can simplify the game. Our service is simple. Fill out our online questionnaire – shouldn’t take you too long. Submit it, and get back 5+ Syracuse insurance quotes from name brand companies that you recognize and trust. Analyze these quotes against one another, and use the info either to refine your search or to lock down a great policy for your risk tolerance and lifestyle.

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