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New York Health Insurance

Between rotating fitness crazes, better information, and political controversy surrounding ongoing health care reform, many Americans are giving their health more attention than ever before. This is the same is true in New York, especially for the 13.6% of New Yorkers, who according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, are currently without health insurance. Arguably, it’s easier to get health insurance in New York than in many states. The state boasts both small and large businesses that offer coverage at higher rates than the national average. Meanwhile, the state has passed laws that further improve access to New York health insurance, such as allowing young adults 29 and under to stay on their parents’ health insurance plan and guaranteeing access to health insurance on the individual market, one of only 5 states to do so.


But, if you’re like most people, you need more than access to health insurance; you need to find an affordable health insurance quote that will provide protection against exorbitant health care costs without crippling your monthly and annual budget. Here are some things to consider as you prepare to solicit a New York health insurance quote for NetQuote…

For the Uninsured: Find an Affordable New York Health Insurance Quote

For all the potential reforms imbedded in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, finding affordable New York health insurance is still primarily about marketplace competition. Much hay has been made about the potential of online health insurance exchanges, but the truth is that online referral services, like netQuote, already offer the speed, consumer information, and competition of these exchanges. You can talk to a handful of health insurance agents in a fraction of the time.

This convenient and reliable method of shopping for health insurance in New York is increasingly important given the expanding options for health plans and insurance coverage. Is high-deductible insurance and health savings accounts really a reliable way to save money on health care costs? Do point-of-service plans, billed as a compromise between HMOs and PPOs, really eliminate the worst abuses of HMO practices without the sky-high costs of PPO plans? Often, the answers to these questions are dependent on the local rules and health care realities within a specific state. Only by talking to multiple health insurance agents can you hope to find the right coverage at a reasonable cost.

For the Insured: Compare New York Health Insurance Quotes

Too many people who already have health insurance are overly leery about switching health insurance carriers or plans. Every single time your health insurance plan is up for renewal, you should check out the competition to see if something better is out there for you. After all, health insurance companies aren’t going to hesitate to raise your premiums to keep up with health care inflation, no matter how loyal a customer you’ve been. Moreover, generalizations about the most affordable health insurance coverage may not apply to you. As a healthy 27 year-old, staying on your parent’s health plan may not be the cheapest option for you, if your parent’s employer doesn’t contribute to the premium costs and the plan is loaded with benefits you’re unlikely to ever use.

Unless your employer is helping out with the costs or you’ve recently surveyed your health insurance options, you have an excellent chance of finding a better health plan for you. New York has one of the highest HMO penetration rates in the country–at 27.7%, you may still need to look around to find health care services that are covered under your HMO system, but it’s certainly doable. Making sure you get a competitive New York health insurance quote is critical to tamping down costs.

Beating the Odds: Affordable New York Health Insurance

Despite the wide availability and access to health insurance in New York, the state still has one of the highest health spending rates per capita in the country, along with some of the highest health insurance rates. Beyond the typical higher costs-of-living in much of New York, the primary reason for these higher costs is the higher level of mandates and regulations in the state. So, while you may be paying more for your health insurance, you also enjoy more security in the benefits offered and other personal protections that are applicable to health insurance coverage. To seek out more affordable insurance in New York, simply take a minute to fill out our brief online request form. Once you’ve done so, the health insurance companies will take the initiative to contact you with quotes and policy details, allowing you to judge different health plans from the comfort of your own home.

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