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New York Business Insurance: Protecting Your Personal Empire

All empires fall eventually, or at least that’s what a historian will tell you. New York’s resiliency makes the state and its residents tough to bet against, but businesses in the Empire State are a wholly different matter. (You can be sure, for example, that Goldman Sachs clients wish the company had no liability insurance.) For the dedicated business owner in a competitive client, New York business insurance is a vital part of your business plan. And unlike most things around the city, great coverage won’t burden you financially if you compare New York business insurance quotes.

Coverage for All Business Types in New York

Business owners have a enough to worry about which is why netQuote offers business owners coverage to meet all their business needs.

  • General Liabilty Insurance (GL)
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)
  • Business Owners Policy (BOP)
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Commercial Property Insurance
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage
  • Workers Compensation
  • Professional Liability and Malpractice (E&O and D&O)
  • Commercial Crime
  • Employess Benefits which includes Life and Health

The Best NYC Pizza?

Ignore the Chicagoans boasting about their deep-dish pies. They might as well try to compare the Cubs to the Yankees. New Yorkers know pizza, and many have a joint they frequent. Suppose, though, that your favorite pizzeria advertised that they sell the world’s best pizza. Objectively, this is difficult to prove. And here, you can understand how a company gets into advertising trouble. While this example isn’t meant to be taken completely seriously, any time a customer believes he has suffered some sort of injury based on false advertising, or maybe an omission in a product’s information, he may file a claim for compensation. It may seem silly even to the judge, but with the right business policy, your liability policy will pay for the court costs as well as any damages. Ditto for someone who believes the pizzeria was at fault for burning her mouth. It would be a shame to lose great pizza because of a customer’s medical bills. Prevent this kind of situation for your own products by shopping for New York business insurance quotes.

Skyscrapers and Business Insurance

Insurance just looks expensive if you take a look around the city and its impressive skyline. Fortunately, most business owners are not insuring skyscrapers. And national disasters such as a terrorist attack do not make basic New York business insurance quotes rise. Yes, such events do require a policy if you’re truly worried. But for protection against normal crime or weather, a standard property policy will do. In a high-crime neighborhood, take safety precautions before searching for quotes, or search again after installing window bars, deadbolt locks, and a new alarm system. Whichever route you go, make sure both the premises and possessions of your business are covered by New York business insurance, whether it’s from thieves or a heavy snowstorm. Lost inventory has crippled many a business.

Other Kinds of Business Coverage

You may decide, in light of the competitive landscape in the Empire State, that you need a health insurance policy that will attract the best employees. Studies have definitely shown such a tactic to be effective. After you’ve figured out how many employees will be covered, and how much coverage you will provide, compare health insurance policies. Also, treat health insurance as part of a bigger whole; combine with other forms of business insurance to lower costs across the board.

Shopping for New York Business Insurance Coverage

  • Gather your claims history
  • Review current coverages to insure your properly insured
  • Update your coverage as your business changes
  • Compare mulitple business insurance quotes
  • Ask your agent for discounts i.e. bundle insurance policies
  • Consider higher deductibles

Save Time and Money

Between the Yankees (or Mets), Knicks, and Rangers, you may have a hard time deciding how to allocate your free time. Of course, the same may be said for gourmets who are overwhelmed by the number of great local restaurants, or music lovers who salivate at next month’s club lineup. The point is, you have a lot of ways you want to spend your time. Don’t waste it on extra-work time looking for adequate business insurance. The coverage you need is available online, and the free service will find New York business insurance quotes for you. The premium you want can turn up with virtually no effort by you. Comparison shopping in this manner is infinitely simpler than, say, trying to decide what to do on a Saturday night.

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