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What You Should Know About New York Auto Insurance Quotes


Any state boasting attractions as wondrous as Niagara Falls, as peaceful as The Finger Lakes, or as recognized as Times Square is a state worth traversing. Unfortunately, owning a car in the Empire State is no small ordeal. In addition to the sky-high fuel costs and the ever-increasing price of normal maintenance, New York auto insurance is more demanding than car insurance in most of the country. What this means for drivers in New York: Auto insurance quotes are even more useful than they are in other areas of the country.

How New York Auto Insurance Providers Determine Your Rates

Insurance providers don’t come up with your premiums out of thin air! Before you purchase a policy, insurance companies assess the amount of potential payments they will have to make for your vehicle. This assessment is based on how clean your driving record is, how many other drivers are in your area, the going rate for vehicle repairs where you live, and other factors like crime rates, the condition and make of your car, and annual road conditions. Because the weight put on each of these factors can vary from company to company, different providers can offer different premiums for the same vehicle driven in the same area by the same person.

The Benefit of Getting Multiple Quotes

Since New York auto insurance quotes are likely to vary from company to company, anyone looking to get a good deal on their premiums should get as many quotes as conveniently possible before choosing a policy. The more quotes you examine, the better your chances of finding the lowest rate on the coverage you need. Even if you’ve had a policy for years, it is often beneficial to see what the competition is offering. If your current rates end up being higher than those of the competition, getting several quotes from other providers will put you on the path to lower premiums; if your current rates are lower than those of competitive providers, you’ll at least know that you’re not paying too much.

Lowering New York Auto Insurance Quotes

Before you begin looking for quotes, it is in your best interest to find out if there is any way you can lower your potential risk factors. While most of us are unwilling to move just to lower our car insurance premiums, there are several things you can do to lower your rates that are within your control, including increasing your credit score, installing a burglar alarm, and taking an approved defensive driving course (which, by law, will lower your rates by 10% for 3 years in New York). Auto insurance quotes are also affected by the amount you drive your vehicle, so doing more work at home rather than commuting could lower your potential rates.

Average New York Auto Insurance Prices

Due to the vast difference in rates between the city and western or upstate New York, auto insurance is a particularly difficult thing to average. Going on numbers alone, the average cost of New York auto insurance is $1,047 throughout the state, but when you consider that this statistic includes vehicle owners in Manhattan and Queens as well as those who live on farms in rural upstate, you can bet that many folks will fall pretty far to one side or the other of this figure. Again, every driver poses a different amount of potential risk, which has a dramatic effect on his or her potential insurance rates. Using a service such as NetQuote can be a fantastic tool to determine your own personal range of auto insurance quotes. New Yorkers who are interested in comparing what they are currently paying to what they could be paying need only enter a zip code and fill out a brief form, and NetQuote will give you multiple quotes from insurance providers in your area. Once you see the side-by-side comparison, picking the best policy for you becomes a whole lot easier!

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