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New York Insurance Quotes: Facts, Advice, and Helpful Hints

Few states in the union have as much to offer residents and visitors alike as New York. From the peace and tranquility of fishing the Finger Lakes to the endless possibilities you’ll find for food and culture in The Big Apple, you just can’t beat New York when it comes to variety. This extraordinary diversity makes living in New York something many people across the country (and even across the world) aspire to, but it also makes some tasks more difficult than they would be in other places. Finding accurate, applicable New York insurance quotes is one job where this difficulty becomes very apparent, but if you know where to look and what to look for, getting the most auto, home, business, life and business insurance coverage for the most reasonable price is not the headache that many people imagine.

Western and Upstate New York Insurance Quotes vs. Quotes in NYC

Like many other costs of living in New York, insurance is best divided into two groups: NYC and non-NYC. Obviously, western and upstate New York insurance quotes are likely to be much lower than quotes for a similar situation in the city, making the average cost of homeowners insurance ($869) or car insurance ($1,047) for the state as a whole a little misleading.

No matter what you want to insure or what part of the state you reside in, New York insurance quotes are determined by various risk factors; these risk factors increase dramatically as population density increases. For vehicles, the high risk of fender benders in the Five Boroughs means insurance companies are very likely to have to shell out money for repairs or medical bills; for homes, the increase you see in crime and vandalism as well as the greater risk of fire spreading from one property to another play a huge role in determining premiums. More than your zip code is used to calculate your rates, however, and there are ways to reduce New York home insurance premiums no matter what part of the state you call home.

Lowering Your Insurance Costs

There are four basic ways to lower your insurance costs: Reduce your coverage, increase your deductible (the amount you pay out-of-pocket when an incident occurs), lower your risk factors, or change insurance providers. Reducing coverage and increasing your deductible are each fine ways to lower your monthly bills, but if an incident does occur, though, you might be very sorry you went down either path. When possible, lowering your risk factors is one of the best and most effective ways to reduce your premiums. New York insurance companies will reward you for making your home or vehicle safer. By state law, New York car insurance must be lowered by 10% for 3 years if you complete an approved defensive driving course; for home insurance, having devices like smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, laminated window glass, deadbolt locks, and other safety features can reduce your premiums.

New York Insurance Quotes: Get More, Pay Less

The final way to lower your insurance premiums is to switch to a different provider. All insurance companies want to make a profit, but because some will determine different levels of risk for the same scenario, the lowest amount they can charge you and still cover their bases can vary from company to company. Some New York insurance companies will also offer reduced rates if you take out multiple policies from them; for example, you may get a better deal on your car insurance if you also have a homeowners insurance policy with the same company.

The best way to tell if you are getting the best deal on insurance is to examine multiple quotes. Here’s where NetQuote can help. By filling out a brief form and typing in your zip code, NetQuote can give you quotes from several insurance companies in your area. The more quotes you examine, the better your chances of finding a company offering adequate coverage for and affordable price. New York insurance quotes are easy to compare when they are listed side-by-side, and the convenience of having these quotes sent to you in the comfort of your own home is a convenient way to see if your current policy is competitive with policies provided by other companies in your area. Deciding on a new policy without anything to compare it to or sticking with a policy just because it is already in place can be a recipe for paying too much! By letting NetQuote handle the legwork, you could be on the path to a better, more affordable policy for your home or vehicle, all from the convenience of your home computer!

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