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Duke City Safety: Albuquerque Insurance

The Duke City was ranked as the fittest city in the United States, according to a March 2007 issue of Men’s Fitness Magazine. It’s not hard to understand why. All around the Sandia and Manzano foothills, great hiking and biking trails abound. And with Albuquerque’s elevation-the highest of any major United States city-ranging from 4,900 to 6,700 feet, even light exercise can burn calories quickly. The wonderful atmosphere makes outdoor activity something to look forward to, whether you follow your passion or spend a leisurely day at the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival. On the flip side, the Land of Enchantment is growing at a rapid pace, leading many to worry about increased levels of crime and traffic. For these and other reasons, you might want to seriously consider taking a fresh look at Albuquerque insurance quotes. If you want security, Albuquerque insurance is the way to get it.

Begin at Home

Perhaps your house wasn’t designed by Pueblo Revivalist John Gaw Meem, but it’s not cachet you’re trying to cover. You want to know that the actual house and all your possessions can be replaced if something terrible happens. You also want adequate coverage for medical bills, for you and anyone else on property. To find all of this, determine the value of your home with a current appraisal, take stock of everything you own and what it’s worth, and then compare as many Albuquerque insurance quotes as you can find. Current annual premiums in Albuquerque are just over $550. Maybe, though, you believe you can afford to pay a deductible of $500 instead of $250. If so, your premium may drop 15% or more. Higher deductibles are a great way to enhance your coverage without paying a lot more. Also, determine how much lower Albuquerque insurance quotes are if you have a sprinkler system installed to fight fires. You’ll likely find that the one-time cost can be offset relatively quickly by lower New Mexico home insurance premiums.

Driving Duke City

Remember when Bugs Bunny would dig an underground tunnel, get wildly lost, and then say, “I knew I should’ve taken that left turn at Albuquerque”? Well, if you get pulled over by a police officer without car insurance, you’ll wish you had taken the time to find affordable Albuquerque insurance quotes. State law requires you to purchase a New Mexico auto insurance policy with at least $25,000 in bodily injury liability per person, plus $50,000 per accident, and $10,000 in property damage liability. Without this much protection, you will receive fines beginning at $300, lose your registration, and maybe even face criminal or misdemeanor charges. And you’ll probably want to look for Albuquerque insurance quotes with even greater financial protection, so that you won’t be held financially accountable if a really bad accident occurs.

Safety Saves Money

Insurance is a risk in a lot of ways. You’re hedging your bets in case something bad happens. You insurer does the same by balancing your premiums versus the likelihood of you filing a claim. That’s why good drivers pay less: proven safety means less chance of an accident. In Albuquerque, a 43-year-old man who drives a 2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor to work will pay around $1,098 to purchase the minimum policy. If he looks like an accident risk, that premium will immediately rise; a citation for careless driving could add $700 or more. Also consider the basic safety features of your car. An airbag, anti-lock brakes and security device are included with his Endeavor, but if your car lacks any of these, it’s worth recalculating your Albuquerque insurance quotes to see how much money these additions will save.

Explore Your Options

You may want to add a health or life insurance policy to your car insurance policy to see what kind of savings you can get from consolidating. Or, try combining your car and home policies. Often this results in savings of $400 or more on Albuquerque insurance quotes. In the end, you should keep an open mind to all these possibilities and see which insurers are willing to offer you the best rate. If you let a free service like compare New Mexico insurance quotes for you, your chances of securing a low premium go way up. Maybe not quite as high as the quality of life in the Land of Enchantment.but close.

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