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Big City, Big Coverage: Newark Insurance

Reading the local crime statistics might make your cringe, but Newarkers cherish their city and all it has to offer. Newark’s foundation of museums, galleries and historical landmarks represent a rich history and diverse culture, and with a bounty of public transportation it’s simpler to get where you want to go without the burden of driving in continuous bottleneck traffic. It can be a challenge at times to live amongst devils, but residents have committed to building a stronger, safer, prouder city. One way to lay the groundwork to safety is finding quality Newark insurance quotes.

Blocked By Auto Insurance?

A standard auto insurance policy is the most popular coverage purchased by New Jersey drivers. This type of policy covers your minimum requirements and offers additional coverage depending on your needs. That being said, Newark was the third most expensive city for auto insurance in 2008 with an average annual premium of $3,241, according to the Insurance Information Institute. These numbers can leave a bitter taste in your mouth, but the fact is you must establish financial responsibility if you want to drive in New Jersey. The law requires you to purchase liability insurance in the amounts of $15,000/$30,000 for bodily injury, $5,000 for property damage and $15,000 for personal injury protection. Failure to provide proof of auto insurance will lead to fines, driver’s license suspension, registration suspension, or jail time.

Driving in the second most congested city in the United (according to the INRIX 2009 National Traffic Scorecard) is intense to say the least, but leaving your car unattended can bring on a whole new of set of stresses. There were 3,754 motor vehicle thefts in Newark in 2008, according to the FBI’s Crime in the United States report. But by adding comprehensive coverage to your Newark insurance policy you will have peace of mind that your vehicle will be replaced in the event it is stolen.

Protecting Your Home

The good news is New Jersey isn’t the most costly state to insure your home. In 2007 New Jerseyans paid an average of $776 annually compared to Floridians who paid the most at $1,534, according to the Insurance Information Institute. That being said, it’s not the least expensive for homeowners insurance either. Idahoans paid the least at an average of $422 based on the same data. Your home’s age, construction and proximity to a fire station could influence your Newark insurance quotes, but so could your zip code. If you live near an area where there are frequent property crimes, your insurance company will take that information into consideration. According to the FBI’s 2008 Crime in the United States report, Newark took the brunt of New Jersey property crimes with 9,750 known offenses. To ensure you’re getting the most affordable coverage, be sure to tell your insurance company if you have installed burglar, fire and smoke alarms. These safety measures could significantly reduce your Newark insurance premiums.

Seeking Newark Insurance Quotes

You can find discounts in a variety of ways when seeking out Newark insurance quotes. Many insurance companies offer savings to those who combine their auto and homeowners policies or to those who combine more than one driver to a policy. Some companies offer discounts to those who have had a clean driving record for three or more years, and some reward good students and senior citizens with additional savings. Take advantage of a free service like NetQuote to search out Newark insurance companies that offer these types of discounts and to find you affordable policies for all your insurance needs.

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