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Brick Township Insurance—A Necessary Expense

Living in Brick Township can be a challenge. Deciding what to do on any given day can be taxing. Heading out on the waterway, visiting Beaver Dam Park, or just putting the kids in the car, and running over to Sundaes for their favorite ice cream treat, are just a few of the options that Brick Township citizens have to choose from. One other question residents need to answer is where in the world are they going to find affordable insurance? NetQuote can make this decision a bit easier. Providing quick and convenient Brick Township insurance quotes is what a free quote service like NetQuote does best. Before you start your search, it’s a good idea to school yourself about Brick Township insurance. Here is a quick primer.

The High Cost of Brick Township Insurance

There is no denying that insurance in New Jersey is expensive, very expensive. Research shows that as of April 2010, the average premium in New Jersey was $2,507. This figure is a whopping 36% above the national average of $1,613. Where you live and what type of car you drive can have a big impact on your insurance quotes. The residents of New Jersey like expensive cars, which can run up the state average. A low crime rate and the fact that Brick Township was named the Safest City in America in 2006, help keep local insurance rates down.

Despite the low crime rates in Brick Township, there is always the possibility of your car being stolen. Adding a security system can both lower your premiums and protect your car. A few other ways to lower your premiums would be: ask for all the discounts you are eligible for, take a defensive driving course, lower your annual mileage and protect your credit rating.

Home and Renters Insurance

While Brick Township insurance quotes for cars tend to be on the high side, residents get a bit of a break on homeowners and renters insurance. The national average for homeowners insurance in 2006 was $804; New Jersey rates averaged $726. Again, the low crime rate translates into additional savings for Brick Township insurance quotes. Renters in Brick Township are paying just about the national average of $179 for their renters insurance.

Flooding is not uncommon in parts of Brick Township, so make sure your home is covered for flood damage if you live in a high-risk area. There are some simple ways you can lower your homeowners insurance rates. If you work from home or are retired, for example, you may qualify for discount, as burglars tend to avoid houses that are occupied. Installing a security system brings a reduction in rates, as does staying with the same insurance company for many years.

Don’t forget to review your policies on a yearly basis. Finishing a basement, adding a room or redoing the kitchen can have a big impact on your replacement costs, so make sure your coverage is appropriate.

Quick and Convenient Brick Township Insurance Quotes

The first thing to do when searching for a new insurance policy is to get quotes, lots of them. Spending the day contacting dozens of insurance companies is one way to go about it, and calling an independent agent is also an option. One of the most convenient ways is to fill in a short form at NetQuote and let us do the work. We match you with the best insurance companies in the nation. You simply sit back, relax and review the quotes in the comfort of your own home.

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