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New Hampshire Home Insurance Quotes: What You Need to Know

The fact is: If you own your home outright and you live just about anywhere (including New Hampshire), home insurance is not required by law. If there’s no mortgage to pay back, you can simply forgo home insurance and leave the fate of your home up to chance. However, for most residents in New Hampshire, home insurance is a precaution they’d rather not go without, whether it’s required by law or not. The threat of things like fire due to old wiring or a tree limb broken by some of that wonderful New England weather are very real, and few homeowners want to risk paying for that damage out-of-pocket (though the independent nature of most Granite State residents might mean there are more folks willing to take that chance in New Hampshire). Homeowners insurance quotes are not difficult to come by, and if you know what you’re doing, comparing policies and choosing the best one is easier than picking out the best chicken lobsters at your favorite seafood shop.


Comparing New Hampshire Home Insurance Quotes

There are several large companies (and a few small ones, too) that offer homeowners insurance in New Hampshire. Homeowners insurance quotes are, of course, going to vary depending on your situation. For example, a historic one-bedroom bungalow in Portsmouth might cost as much to insure as a three-bedroom home built in the 60s up north. Premiums and quotes can also vary dramatically from provider to provider. It is extremely important, therefore, to get as many quotes as possible before settling on a home insurance provider.

Once you get your quotes, there are a few things you should examine. First and foremost, make sure to compare your deductibles, as one company may give you a quote that looks significantly more affordable than the others, but make up that difference by charging you more out-of-pocket if an incident does occur. The next thing you should look at is exactly how much each plan provides; cheaper premiums often come with less adequate coverage, which can be a real mess if severe damage occurs. Finally, you should try and find out what kind of approval rating the companies you query get from homeowners who have dealt with them in the past. Though this last might be a bit more difficult to come by, finding out how other homeowners feel about the performance of an insurance company might end up saving you far more hassle in the long run.

Average Costs of New Hampshire Homeowners Insurance

Obviously, there’s no sure-fire way to know how much various companies will quote you for your specific home insurance situation without getting actual quotes. However, average New Hampshire home insurance quotes are available, and can give you an idea of what to expect. The collected data indicates that the average New Hampshire home insurance policy is about $669, putting it below the national average of $804.

New Hampshire Renters Insurance

If you rent rather than own your home, you might consider purchasing a renters insurance policy to compensate you for any belongings that are damaged or stolen. Since renters insurance doesn’t need to cover damage to the actual structure of your dwelling, it is generally very affordable. The national average cost for renters insurance is $189; again, New Hampshire renters insurance is a little below the national average at $157.

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