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Best New Hampshire Health Insurance Quotes

Getting a reliable New Hampshire health insurance quote is critical ingredient for finding affordable health insurance that will be there for you when you need it most. And no matter how healthy you are right now or how much you’re already pinching pennies, you need to make sure you and your loved ones have access to quality health care services that can make a difference between life and death. Likewise, you need to guard against financial calamity and personal bankruptcy is that is all-too-often the result when an unexpected illness or injury occurs when you don’t have health insurance. But better you plunge head-long into the first cheap health plan that you find, take a look at these fundamentals and specific examples of shopping for health insurance in New Hampshire.


An Introduction to the New Hampshire Health Insurance Industry

Health insurance in New Hampshire is dominated by employer-based coverage, as it is in most states. But the Granite State actually boasts the highest employer-based coverage rates of any state in the country with 65.1 percent of residents receiving this coveted health coverage in 2008, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. The state also boasts the lowest percentage, 6.9 percent, of residents who receive health insurance through Medicaid, a reflection of the relative affluence the state enjoys. On the other hand, between rising unemployment rates and the looming individual mandate included in health care reform, individual health insurance in New Hampshire is likely to take off in future years. Fortunately, these reforms also promise to lower the rates for most residents who must seek health insurance in New Hampshire on the individual market.

Online Resource for New Hampshire Health Insurance and Health Care Costs

New Hampshire has really outdone itself with the online resources it gives to residents through its Insurance Department. This comprehensive health cost guide allows you to research exactly how much a wide range of health services cost depending on which health care provider you go to and what health insurance policy you have.

As awesome as this tool is in and of itself, you can also use it as a basic tutorial for New Hampshire health insurance costs and policy structures. The best health insurance for routine health care services may not be the best health insurance for a major medical procedure. It’s easy to forget this simple fact when looking at seemingly meaningless numbers for deductibles and co-insurance. Using the state’s online health cost guide, however, it’s easy to see these how different policy options will affect your actual health care costs….

New Hampshire Health Insurance Policies and Costs

To get a mammogram at the Catholic Medical Center with co-insurance from an Anthem Point-of-Service health plan that requires that you pay 20% of the cost, your estimated cost is $49. In contrast, to get the same procedure at the same medical center with a $500 deductible, but no co-insurance, and you’ll pay the full price of the procedure, in this case $248.

Yet, to get outpatient gall bladder surgery at the Concord Ambulatory Surgery Center with the same 20% co-insurance health plan your estimated cost is $1,470, while you’ll need to pay only $500 with a deductible-to-full-coverage health plan.

Find an Online New Hampshire Health Insurance Quote

In spite of the transparency this online resource creates, you still need to connect with reliable, licensed health insurance companies in the state. Anthem is just one of the available insurers, and no one company is right for everybody. But how do you know which one is right for you? This is where NetQuote comes in. Simply take a minute to submit an online request for a New Hampshire health insurance quote, and we’ll go to bat for you, immediately connecting you with the insurers that best suit your health insurance needs. Not only will you be to quickly and effectively shop for comparable health plans and the lowest rates, but you can do so from the comfort of your own home, taking a big chunk of pressure out of the process and giving you more time to consider the particulars of different policies and their direct effect on your monthly budget and potential out-of-pocket costs.

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