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Get Sparks Insurance Quotes That Meet Your Needs

The city of Sparks, Nevada, calls itself a “tailor-made town” since it was formed in 1905 by order of the Southern Pacific Railway Company. The railroad wanted a town along its newly straightened track, so it bought property, held a lottery and then moved 67 settlers–houses and all–to the new site over the course of one summer. Although you may not be able to tailor your own Sparks insurance policies exactly to order, you can shop around to get the best coverages to protect your home and your automobile. Comparing premiums and policies also helps ensure that you’re getting the best rates for that coverage.

Looking at Sparks Insurance Quotes for Autos

You can purchase Nevada automobile insurance as split-limit coverage or combined single-limit coverage. If you choose the split-limit option, Nevada law requires that you carry bodily injury coverage of $15,000 per person/$30,000 per accident and property damage (liability) coverage of $10,000 per accident. If you decide on the combined single-limit coverage, you must carry insurance that would cover a minimum $40,000 in coverage to pay for all bodily injury and property damage. (If you lease a vehicle, the leasing company may require you to carry higher bodily injury and property damage limits.)

When you’re looking for Sparks insurance quotes remember that you’re not required by Nevada law to purchase comprehensive coverage (which would pay if your vehicle was damaged by something other than an accident). If you still owe money on your vehicle, however, your lender may require you to carry that insurance until it is paid off.

A survey by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) shows that in 2007, Nevada drivers paid an average of $1,000 for automobile insurance coverages. That’s the eighth highest average in the country. If you’re looking to reduce your Sparks insurance costs, you can ask about discounts for side airbags, safety alarms and other safety and anti-theft features. If you’re an older driver, you have another option. Under Nevada law, insurers must offer a discount on automotive policies for three years if a driver successfully completes a defensive driving class approved by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles and maintains a clean driving record.

Considering Sparks Insurance Quotes for Your Home

Your mortgage lender will probably require you to carry a certain amount of homeowner’s insurance, at least enough to cover their investment. But the required coverages may be minimal, and you may also want to add flood insurance or insurance for sewer backups and other special circumstances that are usually not covered by a standard insurance policy.

In 2007, Nevada residents paid an average homeowner’s premium of $695, according to the NAIC figures. That was the tenth highest average in the country. As with auto insurance, ask any insurance company you’re considering if they offer any discounts for safety or anti-theft systems in your home.

Stay on Track with Sparks Insurance Quotes

It used to be that getting multiple quotes for your homeowner’s and your automobile insurance was like following a long and winding railroad track–it would take forever to visit agents or make dozens of calls. Fortunately, you now have the option of making a quick trip to, which will take you straight to the information that you want. There’s no more filling out another form every time you talk to a new agent. With NetQuote, you simply fill out one form, and NetQuote will deliver quotes from at least five leading insurers in your area. It’s the fast and efficient way to get the insurance coverages that you need.

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